Eugenio Martin: 90th Birthday Wishes

Hola, mi amigoes e amigas --------------------

Anyone wishing to send 90th Birthday greetings to writer-director Eugenio Martin (PANCHO VILLA, BAD MAN’S RIVER, HORROR EXPRESS, REQUIEM FOR A GRINGO and many others)…

…please email me for his Postal Address. (It’s fine if cards arrive after his actual birthday, I’m told.)

Otherwise, you could add a message on Lone’s FB page on or about May 15th.

She asked me “how many” such good wishes I thought he might get… I said I had no idea, but I was hopin’ for 90! :wink:

Such numbers might overload her FB page, tho — so if you want to really spread the word, an actual, physical card would be better.

Oh — and Lone’s got a “big number” coming up, herself, on 5 July. Maybe we can try the same thing, then…??

Anyway, thanks for participating, if you choose to… She said he’d get a kick out of our showing our appreciations.


Thanks for posting, DCG. Good to know they are doing well. Lone was one of the highlights of Bad Man’s River, a brief but energetic sequence. Best wishes for a happy birthday Señor Martin.

May 15, 2015
We are reaching the date…

[size=14pt]¡Felicidades en su día, Sr. Martín Márquez![/size]


I am not on Facebook, since Lone was in “La ciudad maldita” could you ask her if she remembers the real name of the lead actor, the mysterious ‘Chet Bakon’? Thanks in advance.

I sent a card to him yesterday, it’ll turn up eventually. A huge thanks to DCG for the relevant info.