Erotic and Pornographic Westerns

It’s the girl from that German Brand of Shame poster, but this one has nothing to do with it.
It says: ““The father of sex Harry Brummel (?) presents his French bastard daughter Evelin Tubief (?) in the film “The… Student No. 0”
Also participates his niece from the Philippines To-Emmy.””

Should I admit that I watched A Dirty Western when I was 14? ::slight_smile: The title is perfect for the film. It’s very dirty indeed but I’m not interested in watching it again. I have an old VHS copy of Jessi’s Girls. It’s a rape and revenge western that was marketed as a “sexy western.” There’s only one rape scene from what I remember and it wasn’t that graphic, either.

It’s not a film but if anyone has a copy of this book, I’m interested in buying it:

Also known as Jessi’s Girls. Not really a sex western to be honest but watching an Al Adamson western makes you feel like you’re watching a western made by a man who decided he was fed up with making porn films. Adamson never even made porn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know how to get a copy of Sweet Savage?

Wow, watched Gunman Called Papaco during the weekend (we watched around 12 films with friends) and what a crazy film it is! The porn scenes were mostly close up inserts with different actors and really boring to watch but film has some crazy ideas and the dialogue is hilarious.

Did y’all know that this is the most popular topic on this forum in terns of external referrals? :slight_smile:

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Can’t imagine why

Maybe we should start a thread called “Fluffy Kittens” too just to get that inward traffic :wink:


If anyone is interested, there is a good quality, time-coded version of Angelo Pannaccio’s “Porno Erotico Western” (1979) on xvideos,

The soundtrack by Giuliano Sorghini is somewhat different to what was on “Death Played The Flute”… :grin: but it got stuck playing in my head now.

As this is the one and only soundtrack under his belt, can Sorghini be considered as a"spaghetti western" composer? :thinking:

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The mind boggles… :grinning:

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Hey, a video on xvideos I haven’t seen