Ernest Testa Wanted Poster

I am trying to answer the following question.

A $500 reward was offered for the arrest of Ernest Testa in what movie?

I have been given the hint that it is on a wanted poster from a popular western movie. Can anyone help me answer this question? Thanks for the help.

If I give you the answer, can I keep the book! :stuck_out_tongue:

If I get the book when I’m done reading it I will send it to you. Thanks.

This is very late, but for future reference the movie is El Dorado.

Its John Waynes El Dorado. When Mississippi goes outside to go across the street, Bull tells him if hes not back in 5 minutes hes coming after him…its a wanted poster!

In Series 5, second to the last episode (Hulu)
there is an Ernest Testa Wanted poster on the wall in the sheriff’s office in the Dick Van Dyke Show.
One of the Dick Van Dyke writers must have liked Ernest.