Episodic structure

I have been very keen on seeing some spaghettis with a certain episodic structure. The type of structure seen in Vengeance and Death Sentence. I would like to know of more.

The type of structure where the hero faces the bad guys one by one in acts or episodes.

Death sentence is the first one that cross my mind.


Well there’s a clue in the title One After Another … plus Death Rides a Horse and both The Implacable Three (pinning tie-pins on ‘em) and I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly (little horseshoe shaped links?) … all of these pick off fellahs - man by man. Great stuff!
[Edit - they’re more structured like Vengeance than like Death Sentence tho’.]

Great to here about One After Another cause just got a copy from Romaine and had little interest until I just read this.

It’s a goodie … one of my faves. Better than Vengeance for that getting 'em one at a time stuff.
But then again there’s always Drummer Of Vengeance … that’s one of your faves korano.
Is this the sort of revenge one-by-one film you mean?

I think it is. Alex Cox described it as acts. When you enter one of these acts, you stay with the scene until it is done. No cuts to different places. Just staying in this one place or area until the bastard is done for. The killing of the Mexican in Vengeance then goes to the saloon killing then goes to the gang killing. All one by one. None of that several meetings with the main villain. No cat and mouse game. Just meeting up with one target then getting goin’. I suppose Drummer of Vengeance does have something like this. Never thought of it thatway until you said it.

Well I reckon they’ll be quite a few like this.
Death Sentence is quite different in that it is so ‘episodic’ - a film divided quite distinctly into four parts - almost seperate stories. The others mentioned seem to follow a more cohesive storyline - more linear. But get One after Another watched. Brother RF does you well with this one!

Oh yeah … Django the Bastard as well.

Does Shadow of Sartana… Shadow of You’r Death have this structure. Dilinger spoke of it. But I wanted a second opinion.

Yes this one really has an episodic structure, although I wouldn’t call it structure, for this implies the director somehow thought of this structure. This Sartana of Fidani is somehow episodic, but it is like that due to the inability of the director of telling a straight story.

Ok, I see. I was just a little confused but I get it now.

Confused about my strange writing?

maybe? :wink:

Well, then my writing perfectly matches Fidani’s “structure”…

Brilliant posts Dillinger ;D , now i must find SHADOW OF SARTANA…SHADOW OF YOUR DEATH. I liked ERA SAM WALLACH…LO CHIAMAVANO ‘COSI SIA’ quite a bit

THere’s a trailer on youtube. I don’t think the movie itself offers a lot more…

So it’s just a bunch of shooting then? :smiley:

No, it’s a Fidani, there’s also riding in it, and fistfighting.

Oh of course!

Maybe I really have to see it again.
Unfortunately I didn’t record it when it was shown on German TV.