"Epic, Sprawling, and Pictaresque" Spaghetti Westerns

We fans of the genre know that a lot of spaghettis are poorly made and bad. But there are several approaches to making a spaghetti that are beautiful and enjoyable. Well made spaghetti westerns are somewhat of an oddity. Although a lot of the ones are good that don’t take on the epic size and scope of others such as Leone. But I am curious about lesser known spaghetti that try to be sprawling, pictaresque, or epic. What are some of these lesser known ones?

Some are bad, but to me there are more boring or dull SWs, than poorly made I think.

The people at Cinecitta in Rome knew the trade of film-making I believe, but of course these were genre movies with low budgets, and not always enough creativity.

Most of the time the musical soundtracks are absolutely brilliant though, many times they are better than the films themselves :smiley:

No one beats Leone when it comes to epic proportions I believe, but Corbucci’s The Mercenary is fairly epic in size, even if it doesn’t have the length of Leone’s films.

Can’t think of any more at the moment ???

When I hear the word epic I think of Movies like Gone with the Wind or the David Lean Movies. Epic Qualities have only The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once upon a time in the West, Once upon a time the revolution, My Name is Nobody and of course The Mercenary. Maybe California and Quien Sabe too. I haven’t seen The Tramplers so far but maybe the story has some epic qualities. Agree with Lindberg most of the Soundtracks are much better than the movies itselfs. :wink:

Seven Dollars on Red has a Storylinie a bit similiar to John Ford’s The Searcher. But also I wouldn’t really call it an Epic. Seven Dollars on Red needed a Scene where Anthony Steffen rides with the Cavalry, sombedy blows the trompet and in the background you see the Monument Valley. Then maybe you can call it an epic. :slight_smile: