Ennio Morricone in Venice Concert-DVD (DTS)

As there hasn’t been any topic yet, I will start this topic now.
I have seen the DVD of the Maestro’s concert in Venice and I must say I have never ever heard the music in a better quality. I have seen the german Pal-Version:

Ennio Morricone in Venicehttp://www.amazon.de/Ennio-Morricone-Venice-Piazza-Audio-CDs/dp/B001IBQC8Y/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1265993470&sr=8-5

It provides DTS 5.1 Sound which offers an outstanding quality. I am glad to have sophisticated equipment here.:slight_smile: Especially the dynamic Range is enormous. The dynamic range is amost so high that you have to be worried about your equipment and the nerves of your neighbours. After some research I think, there are no Alternatives on the market (in terms of soundquality i mean). Unfortunately the actual concert only contains 5 Leone-Tracks and 4 Spaghetti-Tracks which are the following:

Deborah’s Theme (Once Upon A Time In America)
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Titles
Onve Upon A Time In The West (Claudia Cardinale’s Theme)
A Fistful Of Dynamite
The Ecstasy of Gold

I heard “The Ecstasy of Gold” 20 times in a row. If you have good DTS-capable equipment, the DVD is the right choise for you.