*Hola Compañeros ,

Go, I start, and I write here, my first “post”, grasias again to you, for your welcome, and to Seb.H.
It’s been some time since I received the last two new releases from Sidonis/Calysta (Seven7!!!), namely EL MERCENARIO, and NAVAJO JOE (released April 7);;;
Bueno, pleasantly surprised, or surprised with a little disappointment???
__As you know, maybe, it’s two “Combo’s” Bluray / DVD, be careful, without book, booklet, (thanks again Sidonis for the effort on the limited edition side !!), so no MediaBook, here.
We all know, and all here, that when a $paghetti is offered, on DVD, but especially on BluRay, is offered with its ORIGINAL version, in Italian, for the majority, but in English (Americans, for the greatest, " The G,B and The Ugly", and the whole Man with no name trilogy, "Giu la testa "Fistful of dynamite, and of course, Once upon a time in the west, but also La resa dei conti, The big gundown, ), the priority for the language chosen original version, is according to, (and contractually!!), the number of “headliners” actors, or, if there is only one, as in “Sabata”, for these examples, the language of the Original version will be English:
So here it is, this is where it gets tricky, and becomes illogical, or logical for the editor, in this case, here, Sidonis/Calysta===
Here is what the publisher announces, on his website page:

    **Nom original** : El mecenario                                   
    **Format** : 2.35 - CINÉMASCOPE
   **Audio** : VOST et VF Dual mono restaurées
                                                                               (( Here is what the publisher announces, on his website page: -----   Already, a spelling mistake, with Mecenario !!), Fault that they rectified on the main Title header, after a post mail that I allowed myself to send them!); On the presentation page of the combo, with his photo, there was mentioned El MECENARIO!!! Thanks from Sidonis, production manager, for the rectification that I gave them, ...but remained El Mecenario on the characteristics of the product.))))

VOST : en Français, en French== Version Originale Sous Titrée, Original version with subtitles,

so in Italian, Genial, Great!!!
Well, no, no no, no Italian Original version, (MGM???), ;;
Franco NERO, and Tony Musante are there, … but no, everything is in English, (or French of course), no Italian version. Ahh, presence of Jack Palance …,???.. On the DVD, from WildSide, 2009, there was the Original Version, Italian, English, and French, so,! !!
Big disappointment, and, a little angry, about the seriousness of the product, and its publisher.
Who offers El Mercenario, with Italian version:: we have, as you know, KochFilms ???, with English subtitles ??
But above all, the Japanese edition with King Record, gives us an Italian version.
The same thing, and disappointment with Navajo Joe, but there, Burt REYNOLDS being “American Yankee”, priority is there, so all the rest of the cast, ITALIAN, is dubbed in English, … There, it’s the same, it there are not many publishers, which offers an Italian version.
== Ah, my dear Admin S. , for SWDb:
Mercenario, Il/BR - The Spaghetti Western Database

I think a correction is in order.

  • Label: Metropolitan Vidéo / Sidonis Calysta
  • Release date: April 7, 2023
  • Limited Edition DVD&BluRay
  • Also released separately only on DVD
  • 111min
  • Subtitles: French
  • Audio: Italian, English, French DTS-HD 2.0
  • Details tbc

DVD Wild side , 2009

and for Navajo Joe::

  • Label: Metropolitan Vidéo / Sidonis Calysta
  • Release date: April 7, 2023
  • Limited Edition DVD/BluRay
  • Also released separately on DVD
  • 111min
  • Subtitles: French
  • Audio: Italian, French, English DTS-HD 2.0
  • Details tbc

Bueno, my dear Companeros, addictive, “” powder and sun on the spine, I tell you this evening, to say a few words to you on the visual and sound quality, of … Il Mercenario, and Navajo Joe.

So for both Editions, only English and French audio, correct? I am having slight trouble following your writing :slight_smile:

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Hey hola Sebastian,

I apologize for the delay in responding;
Indeed, concerning this topic, I have developed a little too much on the lack of the Italian version; to my great regret, on this new Bluray/dvd edition, from Sidonis.
Yes, you understood very well, both editions, for El Mercenario, and for Navajo Joe, only offer the original English version, and of course, the dubbed version in French. No Italian. So, on SWDB, for these two publications, the mention “Audio Italian”, should not be. And I don’t understand why Sidonis didn’t offer it, knowing that Wild Side gives it to us in 2009. Not to hide anything from you, Sebastian, and all the other Companeros, before posting my first topic, I should have read the excellent topic, on Il Mercenario, started in January '06, and incredibly, and instinctively developed by all of you, especially with what Scherpschutter brought in terms of very precious information.
As far as this Sidonis edition is concerned, the product is quite good, the image quality, anamorphic, widescreen, is surprising!
I watched this masterpiece twice last night.
I have a lot to say about the picture, the sound, the bonus extras. But I’ll post it, tonight, …

Hasta luego, Compañeros

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