Effects of Article 13?

So with Article 13 being approved by the EU, how will this affect our favorite website? We upload alot of images that could potentially be under copyright ranging rom Blu ray and Dvd screenshots to posters and promotional photos. Hopefully this doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have the site shut down or have all of our images removed.

Maybe somebody here with more knowledge in the matter could quell my anxiety about this.

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Yea good question, but honestly, uploading all this stuff isn’t perfectly legal now, neither. I don’t think it’d necessary be a huge change, and the SWDb is quite small so we might fly under the radar… I’ll reach out to a few friends who are copyright experts once this things is for sure (there’s a slight chance it could still fail in the council).

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Good to know you’re going out of your way to verify that. I’d hate to see everything that you and everybody else here worked so hard to create get removed.

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I voted to leave the EU, and if we leave the EU it will not apply to the UK. It won’t apply in the USA . So the EU can Vaffanculo big time.


Most likely to not aplly in the UK in any case regardless of leaving the EU or not, like the Euro.

The problem is I believe Sebastian and the website are based in Germany, which is very much apart of the EU and will be subject to Article 13.

Unless we leave the EU without a deal, it will apply to the UK.

The ammended, final version demands “best efforts” to remove copyright-protected material in cases where “the rights holders have provided… the relevant and necessary information”.

What “best efforts” means remains to be seen.

It will also very well affect most of the world. Evem though they’re mostly American companies, a large portion social media users on Youtube, Reddit, Tumblr etc., are European. Those sites aren’t just going to deny a good portion of the world to visit their websites, they’ll likely follow suit to Europe’s laws to avoid fines and keep their revenue flowing.

It is illegal to decrypt a DVD, alter it in some way like creating a fandub or a subtitle file, and then making DVD copies for your friends. Although it is illegal, it doesn’t stop it happening.

That’s because what people do at home in private and between their friends is hard to police. Websites are public and dependent upon search engine and hosting companies - much easier for copyright enforcers to monitor and target.

Piripero is right. The end user (us) are not the target of Article 13. It’s the website owners and the large companies. It won’t be a matter of just Europe but the entire world.