Edda Dell'Orso and Alessandro Alessandroni

There are many great Italian composers to film, and I am sure we all have a favourite.

But two of the best talents who have appeared on so many classic soundtracks are EDDA DELL’ORSO AND ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI, and for many they are the sound of Italian Soundtracks.

What do you think?

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I think these two people were absolutely essential in making the spaghetti western-music so successful!

The whistling of Alessandro Alessandroni, and also his choir I Cantori Moderni with all their human and animal-like sounds, was a key element in Morricones re-inventing of western soundtracks.

Also the beautiful soprano voice of Edda Dell’Orso was a major part of many of Morricones best scores.

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I think Alessandroni and Edda Dell’Orso (but also Franco De Gemini) more importants for western music and soundtracks in general. Alessandroni is also a great guitarist and sitarist and the voice of Edda is unique.
I have recently cognised both during a concert devoted to M°Francesco De Masi. You can see the photo and read my articol at this address http://www.caniarrabbiati.it/articoli.php?n=0 (Let me know if you like it ;))

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Yes, Franco De Gemini has done some great work on so many soundtracks.

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Sure, I have listened Franco De Gemini play his harmonica. He’s unbelievable!

Here’s a interesting looking compilation cd:


Yes, been having my eye on this one.

I used to have an L.P compilation of EDDA DELL’ORSO which was great.

Here is some information on Alessandro Alessandroni which may be of interest: