Eastwood (Scott, Not Clint) in “Diablo” (Lawrence Roeck, 2015)

Here is the trailer, looks intense

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I’m still not quite sure on Scott Eastwood, what little I’ve seen of him in any event (I haven’t seen him in a starring role as yet). Desperately unfair to compare him to the old man of course but quite hard not to.

Diablo looks promising, though.

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Yeah, I get what you’re saying. He’s got the look. And not just because he looks like his father.
There’s something slightly different about him though. He’s got his own acting style, sorta. He’s swaggering and burly, while Clint in his prime was nimble and skinny.

When will it be released?

IMDb says January 8th.

Awesome who else is seeing hateful eight premiere tomorrow?

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