Early seventies Spain actors unidentified

(morgan) #1

For some time I have wondered about some actors appearing in several spags made in the early seventies, probably Spanish or Latin American actors. First out, the actor who played Cameron in Death Played the Flute. Here a couple of screenshots of him:

It seems that the same guy is in A Rope at Dawn:

and in God in Heaven… Arizona on Earth:

and in Let’s go and kill Sartana:

On the SWDB a certain Sergio Aparici is credited with all this films. What do you think?

(JonathanCorbett) #2

I think that with almost complete certainty it’s him. One can see Raúl and Sergio together in Metralleta ‘Stein’ (1974).

(morgan) #3

Do you have a screenshot of both from that film?

(JonathanCorbett) #4

They appear in the last 30 minutes, unfortunately resolution and quality of the YouTube version are very low.

In the third image Sergio is on the right

(morgan) #5

Yes, I think you are right. That nose is unmistakable.

Then we (probably) know that Sergio Aparici was in five spags in 1971 - 1972, the fifth being And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave (see below), in four of them together with Raúl Aparici. Brothers, perhaps?

(morgan) #6

Now two other actors who participated in more or less the same films as Raúl and Sergio Aparici. The screenshots below are from A Rope at Dawn. The guys I’m after are the ones to the extreme right and left of Pierre Brice in the two first pictures.

Here some more pics:

My (wild) guesses are that the guy with the poncho would be Juan Fairen, and that the other one would be Alberto Vila. Both these guys are (I think) in the films they (Fairen and Vila) are credited with on IMDb and SWDb, and also in Death Played the Flute.

(JonathanCorbett) #7

I don’t know about Vila but the guy in the poncho is definitely Juan Fairen Ferre, also known as Johnny Fairen.

(morgan) #8

I’ll edit the database with regard to Juan Fairen and Sergio Aparici then.

There is one more guy who is in both Death Played the Flute and A Rope at Dawn. Here he is as the sheriff’s deputy in A Rope at Dawn:

This seems to be the same guy as the sheriff in Death Played the Flute, and in exactly the same outfit:

I have no clue as to who this is.

Buy the way, it seems there is a different guy playing the sheriff in the later scenes of Death Played the Flute (together with Michele Branca), probably an Italian actor:

(carlos) #9

Unfortunately I don’t have the Spanish credits for Una bala marcada (1972) but these two along with Alberto Vila are possibly credited. This one might be another one to check for the above actors.

(morgan) #10

I’ll check it out.

It seems that the guy I am thinking perhaps is Alberto Vila is also in Vamos a matar Sartana, here together with Fairen and Sergio Aparici. I don’t have this film. These pics are from the trailer on the SWDB film’s page. The guy in the middle on the first screenshot:

(morgan) #11

I haven only the Italian version. Non of these three actors are credited here. As you know Alberto Vila is listed as uncredited on the IMDb, and also on the SWDb. But I didn’t spot the guy I have been thinking perhaps is him in this film.

(carlos) #12

@morgan, was Now They Call Him Sacramento mentioned?

(morgan) #13

Not on this thread. Fairen for sure. But isn’t it also Sergio and Raúl Aparici left and right of the women with the rifle? I haven’t seen it.

(carlos) #14

Well, I think it’s Sergio, but I wasn’t sure about whether it’s Raul. Western characters rarely change clothes so I suppose the indoor and outdoors scenes may have been shot some time apart. Here’s a couple more town shots and a little different angle on the above left scene, notice the hair and beard. So I take it you think these are the Aparicis?

(morgan) #15

Yes, I think so. I’ll have a look at the film, though. Are they in any more scenes than these three??

(morgan) #16

Yes, it’s them all right, no doubt about it. Here they are:

They actually tore down Esplugues in this film? I really don’t know what to say.

(morgan) #17

The one I have been thinking perhaps is Alberto Vila is also here, I think, to the extreme left: