Dynamite Jim / Dinamita Jim (Alfonso Balcázar, 1966)


Spy for the north attempts to get a gold shipment through the south, and has a few adventures along the way.
Not much use of Dynamite in this, but could refer to our man Jim being a bit of a hit with the ladies. Some fine ones on display here which provide the eye candy, with the best of the bunch being Rosalba Neri. Main character is smooth, but his english dubbed voice is to smooth sounding.

Viewed film this time round via the fandub of the Spanish dvd which presents the film in 2.35 widescreen. Like alot of Spanish prints I find them a little washed out, but usually improve things by increasing the colour and brightness of T.V a little. Huge improvement over the fullscreen U.S dvd which is not worth bothering with. Film falls into the average but entertaining enough bracket, as there is a fair share of freak characters and situations that kept me entertained. But if you do not share my taste in such things many may just find this boring.

even masters villains fernando sancho and aldo sambrell can’t save this dynamite bore from disaster!

Our info on the movie is rather thin. Not many pictures and no review. Who can help change it?


So this one is featured in the new Tarantino?

Here’s the tracklist and all the info:


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Kind of makes me wanna see Dynamite Jim. What version is there to get?

He also used a track from Sartana non Perdona and Any Gun Can Play.

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But not on the Album… we will repost a more complete tracklist… it had to be taken down a few weeks back :slight_smile: