DVDs in exchange for DVD-Rs

I’ve got official releases of the Dollars films and so on. Happy to swap in exchange for DVD-Rs since they’ll only sell for a few pounds anyway.

What’s the ‘so on’? … it’s sad but true, that the dollars movies aren’t worth anything financially - My local charity shops are doing DVD and BD at 3 for £1 and that includes boxsets.
I have multiple copies of the Leone movies in various packaging, all picked up for next to nothing, as I can’t stand to see them unloved on the shelves of 2nd hand stores.
If you have anything more desirable for trade, then send me a list :smiley:

Stuff like Hang 'Em High. I’m reluctant to just give them away for the same reason. I’ll probably get everything together that I want to get rid of and upload pics

John Wayne films for trade.

So, would anybody like to buy this lot of John Wayne films from me? I’ll give a fair price for the lot as I have to start getting rid of most of my belongings and I want to get rid of things gradually.