DVDs for Sale or Trade

Chino (PAL Region 2) (Kinowelt)

All DVDs are available for sale or trade.

Where are you located?

United States

Is the Providenza have English options?

Yes, all of the listed DVDs have english audio, except $10,000 Blood Money which has English subs. The Providence DVD is also 2.35 16x9. I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have about the DVDs.

What are the labels?

I added that information.

I updated the list of what is available.

How much would you be looking for the Providenza including shipping to the U.K. (It’s normally $3+ to post).

The last single DVD I posted to the UK was $4.33. I use first class international shipping through the United States Postal Service. I would need $15 for The Providence DVD, which includes the shipping. I am also open to trades. I am looking for Global/Southern’s Kid Terror of the West and the Roan Group/Troma’s release of Bang Bang Kid.

Never knew about this release.

Does your One Silver Dollar exhibit this problemhttp://www.spaghetti-western.net/forum/index.php/topic,3047.msg136317.html#msg136317? If not, how much do you want for it (shipping to Belgium)

The copy I have is still factory sealed. There is also an NTSC region 0 release of One Silver Dollar by Shoarma Digital. That DVD is 2.35 letterbox and it is out of print.

Yes well factory seal doesn’t prevent that problem as you can read in the One Silver Dollar thread

I didn’t mean that it prevented the problem. I mean that I don’t know because it is sealed.

I added some “Something Weird Video” DVD-r’s

Anyone interested in this

(obviously not for the 3 digitt figure amazon has it listed)

5 movies on DVD for that money !!! No way, San José ! LOL :rofl:

As I said, not for that listed price of course. What would you deem a sensible pricetag?

Considering all of these are now available on Blu Ray … they’re more or less obsolete, unless you’re a compulsive hoarder of anything and everything SW, and must have that box! … I’d say £30 max