DVDs en Argentina!


Are they all in Spanish?

I’ve got some Argentinian tapes and they are in English with Spanish subtitles.

I have an Argentinian contact, i’ve asked him a few questions, when he’s got back to me i’ll let you know the outcome.

This may help for now, a sort of translation


i think i might’ve asked them once. but i think i’ll ask them again about a “master list” with language options and such


I am working on this catalog now, and I’m in touch with DSX Films to supply me with more info… help is appreciated. Hay algunas Argentinos aqui?

They can help:

www.spaghettiwesterns.com.ar | contacto@spaghettiwesterns.com.ar

i’m already in touch with them, thanks. the list is from them.
will add dvd covers and more soon

spanish is my second lanuage can’t wright for shit in spanish though.
do any of you guys know were i can order these dvds from here in the u.s.

on their website it says ask directly if you want to order from outside Argentina… but if I was you I’d wait until we have full specs on these discs to see if it’s really worth importing them

The prices shown are very interesting (peso is very low), so I’m giving them a trial. If this first order went well I’ll consider other purchases.

well we know next to nothing about the video, and the quality in general…

Someone must take the risk. :wink:

Of course, I read some opinions in Dispara Gringo! forum:

zurdo wrote: ¿Alguien ha comprado alguna peli por internet a dsxfilms?. Estoy pensando en pillarme alguna peli pero no sé si son serios.

Yo he comprado 5 de las que en España no han salido y la calidad de los DVDs es magnífica: calidad inmejorable, todas con mejora anamórfica y con un fascículo de la película, el único pero es que son subtituladas. Creo que de lo que salido en España solo se puede comparar con ellas la edición de “Hasta quie llego su hora” y la trilogía del dólar.
Aparte, al cambio a euros salen tiradas de precio y en una semana las tienes en casa, mejor imposible, si estas interesado en alguna ni te lo pienses.

El Turco

ok so he’s saying the quality is good, they are anamorphic, have a collectible booklet, and the dvds he got were subtitled. sounds good

This is getting interesting… :smiley:

@p.pereira: How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping and handling costs 51,75 pesos/order, which is less than 10€.
The price per DVD (excluding shipping) is about 5.5 €, so I believe it worth’s a trial.

It is…how do you order from outside of Argentinia?

From their own website, it’s in Spanish…
But if you need help creating an account and ordering, I can help you.


But perhaps we should wait until mine arrive, I’ll post screenshots so that everyone can judge by themselves.