DVDs edited by fans

Hello to all
My intention on this topic is to tell more about some releases that fans edited on other language: audio/subtitles. For exemple: I’ll sell my skin dearly, view at Shobary’s Westerns review it’s a fan work on audio, or Dead man ride fan subs on italian dvd

Are there any more releases?


I assume you already know all the Franco Cleef releases. Then there’s Jerksi who’s selling his stuff at ebay.

I believe there’s some more fan projects at Cinecityplanet.

Jerksi has not sold Spaghetti westerns on E. Bay for quite a while now.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:3, topic:1030”]Jerksi has not sold Spaghetti westerns on E. Bay for quite a while now.[/quote]Maybe he’s account has been suspended again. I think it has happened few times already. Or maybe he has just stopped selling his stuff. I dunno…

His account has been suspended in the past like you say, but when an E. Bay account is suspended your account shows up as you are no longer a registered member, and the Jerksi account is not showing this at present.

You can order direct from him and pay via Paypal.

This is an interesting point, I do some subs by myself on english audio to portuguese subs… There are some italian dvds with good quality to be released on english language. For ex: L’ira di Dio


My recent experience is with CineCity. I bought their copies of Sonny and Jed and China 9… and am pleased with both. Sonny and Jed in particular seems to have been drastically cleaned up. as was China. But They told me their older copy of China is out of sync but I see no problem.