DVDs available for trade

Amigos, the following DVDs are available for trade against other original DVDs or copies on DVDr.

- A GUN FOR A HUNDRED GRAVES (Umberto Lenzi) with Peter Lee Lawrence [font=Verdana] GONE ![/font]
- 4 DOLLAR FOR REVENGE (J. J. Balcazar) with Robert Woods [font=Verdana]GONE ![/font]

French 2xDVD release, ONLY french language on these 2 but great prints.

- ZORRO (Duccio Tessari) with Alain Delon

NTSC, english language but short version, decent quality. Released by Direct Source.

- THE RETURN OF HALLELUJAH (Giuliano Carnimeo) with George Hilton [font=Verdana]GONE ![/font]

German release from Starmedia, great print but ONLY german language.