DVDR's I want to get rid off

Hey Amigos, I have a number of extra SW DVDR’s lying around that I want to get rid of all at once. These are DVDR’s that I acquired long ago that I don’t need anymore since I now own official editions or upgraded editions of each film. Each DVDR has interactive menus created by me, except Massacre time which already has menus.

I want to get rid of the whole lot, but instead of accepting money, I was wondering if any of you can print out custom DVD covers that I made.

I’ll send all 24 discs out to you for 12 printed custom DVD covers which I designed that I will email to you so you can print them out and send them to me.

Massacre Time (complete rip of the Eagles pictures release)
My Name is Nobody
They Call Me Trinity
Trinity is Still My Name
The Moment to Kill (WS)
Boot Hill (FS)
Kill and Pray (VHS source widescreen)
Taste of Vengeance/Cowards Don’t Pray (WS English)
Silver Saddle (FS VHS source)
Red Sun (FS)
Red Blood Yellow Gold (FS VHS source)
His Name was Holy Ghost (FS but good quality)
His Name was King (FS includes Disc Art)
Johnny Yuma (WS)
Ace High (WS)
Death Rides a Horse (WS)
If you Meet Sartana…(WS)
The Great Silence (WS English)
32 Caliber Killer (FS uncut)
Blood at Sundown (VHS FS)
The Spaghetti West Documentary and Westerns Italian Style Documentaries
Cry for Revenge/Dead men don’t count (FS VHS)
God Made Them I kill Them (WS)
Why Go On Killing (FS Stopgap version)

You can PM me or reply to this topic.

Just sent you a pm, please respond when you can.