DVD suppliers

Hi everyone. :slight_smile:
I just wondered if anyone in here have any experience with this supplier?
He has some interresting stuff for sale.


I know this is probably a bit suspicious since this is my first post, but I noticed this when I was looking for info on the LE PISTOLE NON DISCUTONO WESTERN COLLECTION box set. I ordered from trash-online once about two months ago without any problems. He ships from Europe and it took less then 2 weeks to get to me. He also posts at the DVD Maniacs forum if you want more details.

Thanks for the Reply monsterhunter :slight_smile:
I wanted to know about the quality since its films he copies from old vhs tapes. How is the transfer? and are the films you have bought from him restored in any way?
Thanks for your help. :smiley:

The quality is about what I expected from VHS dupes. Some are better than others. I haven’t ordered any SWs from him yet. Some examples of what I did get: The Concorde Affair was pretty rough, but Born to Fight and The Last Shark were about as good as you could expect. He seems to note in the descriptions when the print is better than average. These aren’t restored in any fashion. You’ll also have to tolerate burned-in subs on a lot of these.

I think his prices are about the best I’ve seen, is reliable and he’s got a lot of Italian action movies which I’ve been after, so I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Usually, I’ll order two or three movies from an operation like this to get a feel for the quality and service they provide before dropping a few hundred dollars with them. I’ll order again from him without worry.

All that being said, I prefer to order legit DVDs from places like xploited but a lot of this stuff isn’t out yet in proper form.

Thanks monsterhunter :slight_smile:
I also prefer to order from more legit suppliers, but as you say some of this stuff isn’t out yet in propper form and with english sound so I might give it a try.