DVD for trade: Koch, Blue Underground, Italian and more

(il timido) #1

I sell or trade the following DVD. They are all in perfect/mint condition. Feel free to get in touch for information
As yu can see I listed also a huge list of chinese DVD I found during my trips in Asia…I dont know if you’re interested in them but I just want to get rid of them somehow. Quality is same as originals plus they usually add an axternal cardbox and other nice artwork not present in the original. If it is a problem I can edit this post and remove them.
Free delivery for orders/purchases over 60 euros.

Anyway if you need information, please get in touch


-7 Pistole per i McGregor (aka 7 Guns for the McGregors) (One Movie France). By Franco Giraldi. 5 euro.

Ad Uno ad Uno Spietatamente (aka Uno a uno sin piedad) (M6 Video France, Chinese bootleg with removable subtitles) By Roberto Bianchi Montero. With Peter Lee Lawrence. 8 euro

+Antonio Das Mortes (Mr. Bongo Films Brazil). By Glauber Rocha. Brasilian Cangaceiros Western. 8 euro

California (New - Germany). By Michele Lupo, with Giuliano Gemma. 8 euro

California (Shendene Italy). Italian edition. Less extras than New – Germany edition. 6 euro

Cjamango (Koch Media - Germany). By Edoardo Mulargia. 7 euro

Cosi’ Sia (aka Man Called Amen) (Hobby & Work Italy). By Alfio Caltabiano, with Luc Mereda. 6 euro

Da uomo a uomo (aka Death rides a horse) (Hobby & Work). By Giulio Petroni. 7 euro.

+Deus e diabo na terra do sol (Mr. Bongo Films). By Glauber Rocha. English, spanish, portuguese, french subtitles. 10 euro

Django Spara Per Primo (aka Django Shoots First) (Hobby & Work - Italy). By Alberto de Martino with Glen Saxon. 6 euro

+El Topo (Blue Underground HD DVD, USA). By Alejandro Jodorowski. 7 euro

I Lunghi Giorni della Vendetta (aka Long Days of Vengeance) (Shendene - Italy). By Florestano Vancini, with Giuliano Gemma. 7 euro

Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo (aka The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) (BLU RAY, Lionsgate, Chinese bootleg, in italian) 10 euro

Il Mio Nome e’ Nessuno (aka My Name is Nobody) (TF1 France, Chinese bootleg, in Italian)

Il pistolero dell’Ave Maria (aka The forgotten pistolero) (Hobby & Work). By Ferdinando Baldi. 6 euro

Il prezzo del potere (aka The price of power) (Fabbri). By Tonino Valerii. 6 euro

Keoma (Fabbri - Italy). By Enzo G. Castellari. 6 euro

La Banda J&S, Cronaca Criminale nel Far West (aka Sonny and Jed) (Hobby & Work - Italy). By Sergio Corbucci. 6 euro

Lo Irritarono e Santana Fece Piazza Pulita (aka Sartana Kills Them All) (Koch Media, Germany). By J.L.R. Marchent. 7 euro

Quien sabe? (GVR - Italy). By Damiano Damiani. 6 euro

Quien sabe? (Vellavision – Spain). Different montage than the Italian version. 7 euro

Roy Colt & Winchester Jack (Anchor Bay, USA). By Mario Bava. 7 euro

Se sei vivo spara! (aka Django, kill!) (Blue Underground, USA). By Giulio Questi. With Tomas Milian. The super cult splatter-horror-psych western of them all! Definitive edition, superb video quality and tons of extra! 8 euro

Shango (Hobby & Work - Italy). By Edoardo Mulargia, with Anthony Steffen. 6 euro

Spara Gringo Spara (aka Shoot Gringo… Shoot!) (DVD Storm - Italy). By Sergio Corbucci. 6 euro

Tre Colpi di Winchester per Ringo (aka Three Graves for a Winchester) (Fabbri - Italy). With Gordon Mitchell. 6 euro

Tutti Per Uno, Botte Per Tutti (aka Three Musketeers of the West) (Hobby & Work - Italy). By Sergio Corbucci. 6 euro

Una Pistola per Ringo (aka A Pistol for Ringo) (Fabbri - Italy). With Ringo/Giuliano Gemma. 6 euro


+Coffin Joe DVD Box Vol. 1 (including: A Meia Noite Levarei Tu Alma, Esta Noite Encarnerei No Teu Cadaver, O Estranho Mundo Do Ze Do Caixao, The Strange World Of Jose Mojica Marins). Chinese edition with Portuguese subtitles. Nice cover. 8 euro

Il Mostruoso Uomo Delle Nevi (aka The Abominable Snowman) (EMI Film - Italy). 4 euro

Il Mostruoso Uomo Delle Nevi (aka The Abominable Snowman) (Sinister Film - Italy). Ultimate edition, OUT OF PRINT, very rare and impossible to find. 20 euro.

La Notte dei Morti Viventi (aka Night of the Living Dead) (ElleU - Italy)… By George A. Romero. Special edition 2 DVD. 8 euro

+Morgiana (Second Run, Chinese bootleg). By Juraj Herz. Czech Gothic horror from 1970s8 euro

Rabid sete di sangue (aka The Rabid) (Quinto Piano) By David Cronenberg. 4 euro

Santa Sangre (CDE - Italy). By Alejandro Jodorowski. 6 euro

Scared to death (Hobby & Work). With Bela Lugosi. 5 euro

La Notte dei Resucitati Ciechi aka La Notte dei Gabbiani (aka Terror Beach) (Mosaico - Italy). By Amando De Ossorio. 6 euro

  • The Creeping Flesh (Columbia, Chinese bootleg). UK Hammer Horror, with Cristopher Lee. 4 euro

Wampyr/Martin (Quinto Piano Italy). By George A. Romero. Includes the international version and the Italian version (with additional footage and different montage). The longest version ever! Only edition with original Italian dubbing from the 1970s.
4 euro


Dellamorte Dellamore (Medusa Italy , Chinese bootleg). 4 euro

I vampiri (aka The Vampires) (Image Ent., USA). By Riccardo Freda. 8 euro

Inferno (Arrow, Chinese bootleg). By Dario Argento. Including postcards.7 euro

L’aldila’ (aka The Beyond) (Anchor Bay) – By Lucio Fulci. Special 30th anniversary Tin Box limited edition, full of extra, booklet, postcards and more!. 25 euro

Nuda per Satana (aka Nude for Satan) (Redemption USA). By Paolo Solvay/Luigi Batzella. 8 euro

Per sempre (aka The Changeling 2) (Shendene - Italy) . By Lamberto Bava. 5 euro

Phenomena (Fabbri/I Maestri del Terrore – Medusa - Italy). By Dario Argento. 5 euro

Suspiria (CDE - Italy). By Dario Argento. 6 euro

Trauma (aka Thrauma) (Cecchi Gori). By Dario Argento. 4 euro

Virus - L’inferno dei morti viventi (aka Hell of the Living Dead) (Cineclub 2000 - Austria). By Vincent Dawn/Bruno mattei. Special deluxe 2DVD. 15 euro

Wild beasts (aka Wild Beast) (Cinekult - Italy). By Franco Prosperi. 6 euro

Zombi 2 (aka Zombi). (Shriek Show – USA) By Lucio Fulci - 2 DVD Special limited 25th anniversary edition15 euro


E tanta paura (aka Plot of fear) (Rarovideo - Italy). By Paolo Cavara. Classy italian 70’s giallo.6 euro

I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale (aka Torso) (Alan Young - Italy). By Sergio Martino. 6 euro

I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale (Blue Underground HD dvd, Chinese bootleg). Flawless video quality! 8 euro

Il gatto a nove code (aka Cat of Nine Tails) (Anchor Bay – USA). By Dario Argento. 8 euro

L’uccello Dalle Piume di Cristallo (aka Bird of Crystal Plumage) (Fabbri I Maestri del Terrore – Medusa - Italy). By Dario Argento.5 euro

Lo strano vizio della Signora Wardh (aka Blade of the Ripper) (Neo Publishing, Chinese bootleg with removable subtitles). By Sergio Martino. 4 COPIES. EXCELLENT VIDEO QUALITY. 6 euro

Nude per l’assassino (aka Strip Nude for your Killer) (Surf Video - Italy) by Roberto Bianchi Montero.6 euro

Spasmo (aka Spasm) (Cecchi Gori). By Umberto Lenzi. 6 euro


Concorde Affaire '79 (aka The Concorde Affaire) (Cinema Prestige, Russia). By Ruggero Deodato. 9 euro

La bravata (EMI Film Italy). By Roberto Bianchi Montero.6 euro

Lettera aperta ad un giornale della sera (aka Open Letter to an Evening Daily) (No Shame, USA, Chinese bootleg). By Francesco Maselli. 6 euro

Liberi, armati, pericolosi (aka Young, armed and dangerous) (Rarovideo, Italy), by Romolo Guerrieri. Very good and action packed 70’s poliziottesco. 6 euro

Manaos (X Rated Germany). With Fabio Testi, semi-unknown Italian adventure/action from the 1970s. 30 euro

Qualcuno paghera’ (aka The Uppercut Man) (MYA - USA, Chinese bootleg). By Sergio Martino. 6 euro


War Movies Box Set: El Alamein desert of fire, Sette baschi rossi (aka The seven red berets), La battaglia dell’ultimo panzer (aka Battle of the last tank) (Ritka Video, Czech Republic, 3 DVD). 12 euro

I diavoli della guerra (aka War devils) (Perseo Video - Italy). By Bitto Albertini… 6 euro


Colpi di Luce (aka Light Blast) (Hobby & Work Italy). By Enzo Castellari. 6 euro

La corona di ferro (aka The crown if iron) (Ermitage/KLF). The first italian fantasy, shot in the 40’s. Magnificent. 5 euro.

La Decima Vittima (aka The 10th Victim) (Anchor Bay USA). By Elio Petri. HD DVD, with flawless video quality. 7 euro

Le Avventure di Pinocchio (aka Pinocchio) (San Paolo Italy 2 DVD) By Luigi Comencini. Full Italian TV version. 8 euro


  • First Spaceship on Venus (American alternative version of Soyux 111, Japanese edition) 5 euro

  • Golden temple amazons (Severin, Chinese bootleg). By Jess Franco. 5 euro

Il figlio di Godzilla (aka The Son of Godzilla) (Pulp Video Italy) 6 euro

La Montagna Sacra (aka The Holy Mountain) (Rarovideo Italy). By Alejandro Jodorowsky. 6 euro

Metropolis (Ermitage/KLF). By Fritz Lang. 4 euro

The Quatermass Conclusion (EMI/Quinto Piano Italy) 5 euro


Asfalto Che Scotta (aka Classe tous risques ) (Mido – Czech Republic). With Lino Ventura & Jean Paul Belondo.6 euro

Freeman l’agente di Harlem (aka The Spook Who Sat by the Door ) (Vegas Multimedia Italy). 5 euro

I Diabolici (aka Les Diaboliques) (Hobby & Work Italy). By HJ Clouzot. 5 euro


  • Fuego (Toei Video Japan, Chinese bootleg). By di Armando Bo , Argentinian pop soft porn from 1970s. 8 euro

Gola Profonda Nera (aka Black deep Throat) (EMI Film Italy). With Ajita Wilson. 5 euro

Groupie - Sesso a Domicilio (aka Ich, Ein Groupie) (VIP Video, Switzerland). Germany early 1970s. 8 euro

Le Calde Notti di Caligola (aka Caligula’s Hot Nights) (EMI Film Italy) By Roberto Bianchi Montero. 5 euro

Le Scomunicate di San Valentino (aka The Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine) (Redemption UK) 8 euro

Le sorelle (aka Sisters) (Fuji Film, Japan). Erotic drama about two lesbian sisters. By Roberto Malenotti, 1968. Rare japanese edition, uncut with italian and english audio. 15 euro

Salon Kitty (Blue Underground USA, 2 DVD) By Tinto Brass, ultimate edition strongly uncut. 12 euro


+1001 Classic Commercials (TVB - USA) 3 DVD. 16-hour American TV commercials from the 1950s and 60s. Over 1000 commercials. 10 euro

I Segreti Delle Citta’ Piu’ Nude Del Mondo (aka Naked Cities) (MYA, Chinese bootleg). By Sergio Martino. 8 euro

Ultime Grida Dalla Savana (aka Savage Man Savage Beast ) (Happynet Pictures, Japan). 20 euro


Bomber (aka Bomber) (Stormovie Italy). With Bud Spencer… 2 COPIES AVAILABLE. 5 euro

Chissà perchè capitano tutte a me (aka Super Sheriff: everything happens to me) (Stormovie) With Bud Spencer. 2 COPIS AVAILABLE. 5 euro

I Due Superpiedi Quasi Piatti (aka Crime Busters) (Storm Movie Italy, 2 DVD). With Bud Spencer & Terence Hill. Ultimate edition… 8 euro

Lo chiamavano Bulldozer (aka They Call Him Bulldozer) (Stormovie Italy). With Bud Spencer. 5 euro

Uno sceriffo extraterrestre, poco extra e molto terrestre (aka E.T. and the sheriff) (Stormovie) With Bud Spencer. 2 COPIES AVAILABLE. 5 euro


Thats a long list :smiley: .

(il timido) #3

Updated with new titles.

I would like to trade also with the following DVD on DSX Records (Argentina):

Adios Gringo
Campa carogna, la taglia cresce/Los 4 de Fuerte Apache
Cimitero senza croci/Cementerio sin cruces
Un dollaro bucato/Un dolar marcado