Duel at Diablo (Ralph Nelson, 1966)

(The Man With a Name) #1

There are two “cavalry vs Indian” westerns that I consider the best of the genre. The first is Ulzana’s Raid and the second one is Duel at Diablo. Duel at Diablo is one of the most action packed westerns I have ever watched. It has a tremendous cast and a terrific soundtrack, as well. Any other fans out there?

Any Opinions of “Duel at Diablo” Starring James Garner and Sidney Poitier?
(Stanton) #2

It’s an ok western by a not-so-good director with thematic ambitions. 5 maybe 6/10

(scherpschutter) #3

6+ or 7- in my book, very decent action western, confused script:


(The Man With a Name) #4

I suppose the film is a more of a bridge between the revisionist and traditional cavalry & Indian westerns. I don’t think the script was too confused. It worked well in my opinion. There are some continuity errors when it comes to the amount of troopers being killed but I have no complaints about the script or the characters. It’s much better than Ralph Nelson’s other western, Soldier Blue.

(El Indio) #5

I just bought this DVD on Amazon.com. It’s a three-pack including Man of the West, Hour of the Gun and Duel at Diablo. I haven’t seen Duel yet. Anyone here have an opinion on it before I watch? It received good reviews but I’m curious what we think of it on the board.

(Stanton) #6

Why not watch it before knowing anything about it, when you already bought it?

First watch then talk …


Yes do enjoy this one !


Probably the best of Nelson’s westerns and quite enjoyable for me as well.

(El Indio) #9

Interesting movie. It held my interest throughout. Dennis Weaver was his perfectly typecast self as the villain as he played in other westerns at the time. I thought the soundtrack might have been a little too jazzy for a western. Neal Hefti was a jazz musician after all and you can hear his musical style come through here. I liked the scenery. One of the reasons I wanted to see it was because I recently visited Utah, including Kanab and Fredonia and I loved it out there. Those sandstone canyons are beautiful. When I read that Duel at Diablo was filmed there I wanted to see if I recognized any locales. It definitely brought back some memories.

(ENNIOO) #10

One of the first soundtrack L.P’s I ever purchased.

(The Man With a Name) #11

I didn’t really think of Dennis Weaver’s character as a villain. I don’t think the soundtrack is too jazzy, either. It’s definitely one of my favourite scores.

(The Man With a Name) #13

I just re-watched it recently. Seems like I forgot about Dennis Weaver’s character. I suppose he is a villain after all but I won’t spoil why.