Duck, You Sucker! / Giù la testa (Sergio Leone, 1971)

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Here are some photos to compare the movie shots to the other Irish location at Howth castle:

and these

and here is a photo that I found onlne


Coburn is thinking “Boy, I can’t wait until their next argument”

(Andy) #244

I find there is a sense of melancholy that resonates throughout this film that is not present in Leone’s other westerns, especially with the music. The deaths that occur in the film somehow feel more real to me with more emotional resonance. The flashbacks also have a somber quality to them. There is some comedy interspersed throughout like the other films, obviously. But I find at the end of the film I’m left feeling for the main characters in a different way.There is obviously some very melancholic music and scenes in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, though overall it still feels more “fun” I guess, for lack of a better term. I wouldn’t go as far as to say Duck, You Sucker is downright depressing, still there is definitely a somber feeling that I get from watching it.

(The Man With a Name) #245

I agree, it’s much closer to Once Upon a Time in America than his previous films and it doesn’t really feel like a spaghetti western to me. It has elements of a spaghetti western in the first hour but I think this is more a wartime drama. I like Duck You Sucker much more than The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and I know I’m definitely in the minority but I think this is one of his most underrated films. It’s in my top three Leone films next to Once Upon a Time in the West and For a Few Dollars More.

(The Man With a Name) #246

Once Upon a Time in the West has the same feeling though. This one is just a bit darker, I guess?

(Andy) #247

I was thinking about OUATITW when I was writing that post. The massacre of the McBain family in the beginning is definitely very dark. The scene where Morton is dying by the puddle feels very melancholy. It’s edgier than GBU for sure. I guess what I feel most from OUATITW is the beauty of the music and scenery that eclipses the darker aspects at certain points in the film. DYS feels darker both thematically and visually, to me. That’s not to say there isn’t any beauty to it. The beauty of the music and visuals is just more melancholic, I find. And the ending is pretty sad and dark. It’s an excellent film and I like that it stands out as somewhat different than the others.

(Andy) #248

You said it perfectly there. It doesn’t feel like a spaghetti western, but instead a wartime drama.

On the subject of Once Upon a Time in America, I have an embarrassing confession to make: I have never actually seen it yet. I need to get a copy of it or see if it’s on a streaming service. I have read a lot about it. Maybe I was a bit hesitant because it’s an extremely long film but does have one of my favourite actors: James Woods.