Dubbed voice of Duncan in Navajo Joe

I recently watched the Kino Lorber Blu-Ray of Navajo Joe and while listening to Aldo Sambrell’s character Duncan I couldn’t help but feel his voice might’ve been dubbed by the same guy who dubbed Gian Marie Volonte’s character El Indio or Mario Brega’s character Nino in For A Few Dollars More. They sound very much alike.

Bernie Grant dubbed Duncan, Volontè in both dollars films and the drunk captain in GBU just to name a few:


Thank you! I thought the voice sounded similar in all those roles.

I always thought he sounded like Pete from ‘A Goofy Movie’

I’ve always thought that too, ever since I heard him voice Bud Spencer’s character Hutch in the Collizi trilogy.

Just rewatched Boot Hill and realised Bernie dubbed Woody Strode in that.

Checked out the English dub of Rashomon, and it sounds like Bernard dubbed Toshiro Mifune. This guy was everywhere!


Is that also him doing the voice of Morton in OUATITW?

Sure is.

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