Draw Channel on Roku wants your input

Hi guys, I come, hat in hand, for advice. We have a channel on Roku called “Draw, Spaghetti Westerns and More”. I love the genre so much I wanted the absolute best channel on Roku. So, what would you put on it? I have lots of Spaghetti Westerns, Classic westerns, even TV shows. We have original programs. What shows would you like to see with hosts? Your advice is what we need, and thanks.

Good quality HD English language versions of rare Spags - Cheers :smiley:

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I’ll admit I’m not a Roku user, but a dream of mine has been to see on TV both Classic and rare SW’s with the original Italian language and translated English subtitles. In the best quality available if possible. I know most fans like the English dubbing, but I enjoy hearing the Italian language whenever I can :grin:

Anything without the typical random commercial breaks (often mid-sentence) that plague free movie channels on Roku.

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I agree completely, Mark! We only place ads where we should go. Never random. We also only place ads after the first 18-20 minutes. then, we try and not have ads any closer than 20 minutes. We are fans too! Nothing bugs me more than an ad placed in the finale just because they know you are watching!

Hi Colt! We go in and actually time where our breaks go. We look for scene breaks or fades where it does not break the flow of the action. We also try to not place ads too close to the start or the end. We are movie makers and film fans ourselves. So we strive not to be annoying. Accidents do happen and ad blocks get double listed or time errors. But as soon as we catch them they are fixed. Thanks for your input. It is great!

And, sorry for the late response. I am still leaning how to do this forum!

I see I already responded! Well, better safe than sorry!

Hi Aldo! Are there certain titles that you would like us to look for? Thanks for your input!

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Hi George,

Thanks for your reply - Two westerns that come to mind, which have never been given good quality DVD releases are ‘Guns for San Sebastian’ (which I think TCM show ? ) and ‘The Deserter’ (1970)

There are many others I’d like to see, but these are top of my want list. Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thank-you :slightly_smiling_face: xxx