Double Features/Marathons

Can any of you guys think of the perfect Spaghetti double features or marathons? I don’t mean DVD releases but compiled by yourself. I think of this quite often and come up with some good stuff I hope. A Mud and Blood marathon or Gothic marathon. Those would be Django, GS, Specialist. Gothic marathon would be Vengeance, And God Said to Cain, Django the Bastard, Mannaja. You could als compile a twilight marathon with Four of the Apocalypse, Keoma, Mannaja, California. And maybe a surreal/weird marathon with Deah Walks in Laredo, Matalo!, and Get Mean. The best double feature in my mind would be Great Silence followed by Cemetery Without Crosses. They are both very similar and go great together. Just tryng to provoke some thought.

You’re full o’ good ideas amigo.
And, as you say, GS & CWC is a pair made in heaven (well maybe hell). I’ve done that pairing for friends before.

I also have thought of somethig like Face to Face withTaste of Vengeance. Calling it the descent double feature. Both feature characters who descend into darkness and become the villains of the story. A good marathon would be called the Nero triolgy #1. Featuring the first three Nero Spaghettis. Django then Massacre Time, then Texas Adios.

An of course the no name trilogy

The possibilities and combos are nearly infinite.
One I’ve done myself is Fistful with Le Pistole non discutono. The contrast is both jarring and revealing.

Yes. I find that combining Spaghettis into double features or marathons can be very rewarding and adds a special something to Spaghetti viewing. If you combine films by atmosphere or theme, it can possibly make them better. I’m doing the Mud and Blood Trilogy now. Starting obviously with Django.

RED SUN and The White, The Yellow and The Black! :smiley:

Maybe California and Silver Saddle. (California and Keoma is too depressing for a double feature)
The two Trinity Movies
Sabata and Adios Sabata!
They call me Halleluja and Train to Durango
Il Mercenario and Companeros
The Strangers Gundown and And God said to Cain.
10.000 Dollari per un massacro AND Per 100.000 Dollari ti ammazzo

All sounds good.


Man Pride and Vengeace + Trinity Sees Red
Cut Throats Nine + Four of the Apcalypse
Sabata + Sartana
Big Gundown + Shoot, Gringo…Shoot

How about

Black Killer with Fasthand is Still My Name. Both pretty trashy and exploitive.

If someone is brave enough, they could try a Gianni Crea with Demofilo Fidani marathon! Or mayeb watch Crea’s Magnificent West with Once Upon a Time in the West. :smiley:

Texas Adios with Forgotten Pistolero. Both sort of melodramatic family drama’s with Greek tragedy.

Price of Death with Killer Caliber 32. Both detective stories/ murder mysteries.

Sounds good to me.

A Man Called Apocalypse Joe / Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe

Captain Apache / God’s Gun

Sartana Does Not Forgive / And The Crows Will Dig Your Grave

Johnny Hamlet / The Fury of Johnny Kid

Excellent choice

Day of Anger + The Grand Duel - two of my favorite LVC movies
Navajo Joe + Cemetery Without Crosses - for those of you who like sorta downers for endings.

I’d like a Steffen Feature:

W Django + Gentleman Joe

Or a Garko Feature:

Arriva Sartana + They call him cemetery

[quote=“korano, post:8, topic:1475”]If someone is brave enough, they could try a Gianni Crea with Demofilo Fidani marathon! Or mayeb watch Crea’s Magnificent West with Once Upon a Time in the West. :D[/quote]I’ve been thinking of having a Fidani week now that I finally have all his westerns. But that would probably take whole month. One week for watching the films and three weeks in sanitarium.

A Fidani-Feature is no problem for me.