Dorado Films Podcast

For the past month or so, I’ve been producing the official podcast of Dorado Films. I’m a long time podcaster and have been having a blast producing the show for “your home for European gold from the silver screen.” So far, topics of conversation on the podcast have been focused on some of our upcoming Jess Franco blu-ray releases and a few other topics, but we’re hoping to expand our podcast to cover all the different types of films and film titles in our catalog, and since I’m posting this here in the SWDB Forum, you can bet that I’m eager to start talking about some of our Spaghetti Western offerings on the show!

If you’re a podcast listener, or even if you’re not and feel like giving the show a listen anyway (each episode runs about 30-40 minutes), you can find us at

(And, if anybody would like to be a guest on the Dorado Films Podcast to talk about a Western from our film library, please drop me a line at . . . :slight_smile: )


Great news Derek! Thanks for letting us know, I’ll be sure to tune in! If you’re interested in having me on as a guest, that’d be interesting too! Surely for others as well