Don’t wait Django…shoot blu ray

Listed on the SWBD this blu ray has Italian and English audio…could someone confirm that as I’ve just been on CDJapan and it’s listed in Italian audio only?

@Alleluja can probably help

Edit: he is the one who put the info I to the database

@Corm @Admin
It is true that many shopping sites even in Japan say that it is only in Italian.

I don’t have this Blu-Ray itself, so I can’t say for certain. But the jacket says that there are 3 audios, Italian 2.0ch DTS-HDMA, Italian 2.0ch Dolby Digital and English 2.0ch Dolby Digital. There are 2 subtitles for Italian and English.


Strange,on the jacket sleeve there’s no mention of Japanese audio or
Subs?maybe the wrong info on sleeve just wish someone had it