Dollars for a Fast Gun / $100,000 for Lassiter / La muerte cumple condena (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent, 1966) - La Muerte cumple condena (1966 / Director: Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent)

Watched this one last night… the short description of the DB page pretty much sums it up. I picked up it up thinking it might be pretty good as it has some familiar faces like Luigi Pistilli, Aldo Sanbrell, among others whose names I can’t recall… however I was let down. The film has it’s moments but I just can’t stands the comedic relief parts or the two annoying kids… or that homestead look at times that’s more fitting of Little House on the Prairie! The character of Lassiter would have been a total Guiliao Gemma part but here it’s played by Claudio Undari. The best part is when one pushes the other guy out of the wheelchair - heartless, but still a good thing to do if needed :smiley: If you don’t see it, you’re not missing anything… but if you’re looking for something to watch, this is at least bareable.

I pretty much agree. Nice cast, that’s about it but still worth one look…
The plot isn’t that bad but the lighthearted moments don’t match the rest of the film.

I disagree. Although the light relief is overdone at times, I find this a satisfying combination of director Marchent’s taste for traditional Westerns and writer Sergio Donati’s hipper, more humorous approach.

I also think Undari does a good job as the ironic protagonist; it’s too bad that he got sidelined as a bad guy (though he was always convincing in those roles) when there was obviously more talent under the surface.

Watched this one this morning and after checking the cast list I noticed Peter Martell plays Sarah’s (Pamela Tudor’s) brother. (She is called Helen in other language versions I think) Now I have to admit to drifting off once or twice during the film but I don’t remeber seeing Peter Martell at all. Or the character of Helen’s brother for that matter. Did I miss him or was he just not there.

I also checked the running times which apparently should have been 99 minutes whereas my copy only runs for 93. Maybe he was cut out?

In my books Martell isn’t listed. I made an “Adios Pete” in the data base entry.

Like the 2nd photographer, like Joaquin’s co-screenplay credit. Adios, adios

[quote=“Stanton, post:5, topic:1599”]In my books Martell isn’t listed. I made an “Adios Pete” in the data base entry.

Like the 2nd photographer, like Joaquin’s co-screenplay credit. Adios, adios[/quote]

It was my first thought that we had an error but then it is listed in Giusti’s book too. Seems odd for him to be listed there and with a character’s name by him too. That’s what made me wonder if he was cut out.

Rewatched this one today. This time in a much nicer widescreen print which improved my enjoyment no end. The dialogue dropped into Spanish on occasion but this was no bother. Good cast in general and Hundar does a fine job as the hero. It is one of those films that waivers between drama and comedy a little too often but the comedy never becomes too ‘broad’ so I’m not too put off and the rest of it is good enough to keep me happy.

Widescreen print, Phil? Is that available generally?

Hundar is a confident little soul or should I say big soul in this, which is what I always remember re this one the most.

Well, I don’t know about generally. I got it from a torrent site.
I’ll PM you. :wink:


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