Dollar Trilogy Music

Would anybody here happen to know where I could find downloadable tracks of the music to A Fistful of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More on the internet? Thanks.

you can just buy the soundtracks. although i realize they are quite hard to get in some places

we do not endorse illegal downloading of copyrighted music.

Mister El Manco,

You seem to be a little lacking behind in internet and spaghetti times…
Anyways, you can download these tracks (paid) via BUT: I would recommend getting the
original discs or compilation albums of which there are plenty available, at you local dealer or on the net
as well ( That way you’ll also get nice artwork…So put in a little effort yourself, use
google now and then, and you’re done. Good luck!

Well, yeah, obviously I could go purchase them, however these are quite rare. is selling them for not less than 30 dollars, because they’re only available as imports, or at least that is all I could find. Thanks anyway…

The entire score of FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE is available on a cd titled “The Great Western Soundtracks Vol. 1” which has excellent stereo fidelity. It’s a BMG cd and not very expensive.

ALL the music on this cd is by Morricone.

It includes key tracks from the other Morricone/Leone films plus lots and lots of other great Morricone. This is the best Morricone all SW compilation available.