Dollar of Fire / Un dólar de fuego (Nick Nostro, 1966)

ive got a Swedish poster for this Nick Nostro western have anyone seen it? is it possible to get hold on. does anyone know about any tapes or tv-recordings of it?

I’ve got a DVD-R of it. Widescreen, French dub. I don’t know if it’s from tape or TV. This version has Spanish music track. I can trade a copy of it for some other rare DVD-R western.

I have never heard of it but I’ll try to find that Swedish VHS tape! ;D

The film have never been released on VHS tape in Sweden but had a cinema release in 1968 with English Dub.ólar_de_fuego,_Un

Basic traditional western where sheriff confronts the bad guys and corrupt judge. There’s also a friendly drunk and mandatory saloon fight. I watched french version with subtitles but it was heavily cut to under 70 minutes of running time, so it was difficult to follow the plot. Oddly there’s also a version with softcore sex scenes of this film.

My rating: 2/5

Very average this one.

In this Softcoreversion are a few scenes from the ‘normal’ version of the film who are missing in the french 68 minutes version ! For example as Black Kendall shots the housmaid from the farmer…

I watched this one today for the first time in Spanish. Typical early Spanish western but one of the most violent I’ve seen so far. Plenty of shootings beatings and out right murders of any Spaghetti western. If you want to see an action packed western this will fill the bill.