Does anyone own this Echo Bridge set?

So I coudn’t find any reviews, and I’m really curious as to what these prints are like. Although I’m willing to bet If You Meet Sartana looks like crap.

I remember the Sartana print being very good, actually. All the Echo Bridge sets are worth getting if you can find them cheap enough, especially for the Sartana films. I’ll double check and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks! I have their 8 movie set which includes The Price of Power, and I was impressed with it.

Okay, Sartana doesn’t look as good as I thought it did. I have since acquired a better copy, so I forgot about this one. It is letterbox widescreen and of similar quality to the one found in the Mill Creek sets.
As for the other movies, I Want Him Dead looks like it has been ripped from the Brazilian DVD, Massacre Time is the public domain widescreen transfer you’ll find in many sets, Massacre at Grand Canyon is widescreen and reasonable picture quality and finally, Dig Your Grave… Sabata is Coming! is a fullscreen VHS rip, which is also reasonable quality, and the only version on DVD in the English language, which is why I’m happy to keep this set. So, anything from Echo Bridge is usually better than some of the trash you get in the Mill Creek sets but unless you really want some of the films included, it’s not worth it. I got it very cheap and second hand.

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I really appreciate the detective work, thank you!

This is exactly why I’d buy it, I had no idea that film ever got an English release.

This is my favourite set from Echo Bridge so far. Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay is taken from the German DVD but the forced subtitles have been removed and it also has Black Jack in good quality.

I originally bought it for “I Want Him Dead”, which looks pretty good and a lot cheaper than the what the guy on Amazon was asking for the Brazilian disc. As far as “If You Meet Sartana”, I prefer the The Gunslinger Western Collection version, it looks a tic better to me and running time 94:34.

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I only have the Cult Action DVD of I Want Him Dead. That could also be a rip of the Brazillian DVD for all I know.

Not sure what source Cult Action but it wasn’t the Brazilian DVD. It looks like they used the German DVD but since it has the English credits, I am not sure.

And as for Black Jack, I was trying to figure out the source of the Cult Action version. I guessed an official DVD synced with English audio from a TV airing or something.

The English audio is probably from one of the VHS releases.