Does anybody knows some good sites to buy second hand sw on vhs?

i have a few spaghetties on dvdr from greece. I traded them with somebody through ebay. the nice thing is that the movies are still in english and they only have subtitels! I have the same with some vhs cassets from portugal. I live now in zurich and I can only find cassets in german! aiaiai thats very painfull to hear Fernando Sancho with a bayerisch excent!
does anybody knows any foreign(so non german) sites were I can look for second hand spaghettie tapes?

maybe you could try or

i allready tried these sites, but I was hoping for some deeper information like some stores that sell vhs tapes or some locall trade sites!! Im allways looking at brock hauses fror second hand tapes but its very seldum that I find somehing their. I heard that their is a big second hand market once a year in a small village in the neighbourhood of hamburg, i was thinking og going there to find some nice cheap italo westerns!

but what languaje do you want them to be?? As I can figure out neither English nor German. Am I right?? you can get some here, think it’s an Italian site, not sure of that. I have some too but copies only and most in English. Good luck Amigo!

i wouldn’t spend money on VHS :wink: I find it already too impossible to waste money on crappy dvds… not to speak of vhs…

Im looking for english versions, i think its nice to find some cheap vhs tapes. Most of the time I look in second hand stores, i founded some sw with portugees covers (but still in english only with subtitles) maybe I payed 2euro for one vhs. that is still a nice price but I dont want to spent more than 5euro for a crappy movie. german ebay has nice prices or old tapes ,but the german dub hurts my soul aiaiai

which movie are you looking for?

well, Im looking for all spaghetties that I dont have, Im on a mission to collect as mutch as many sw!! :smiley:

Dont know If this helps

Most of these never heard of but could mean something to you. Most of these are DVDS.

Kill and Prey[/url]

The man from nowhere

Shoot the living.pray for the dead

Death rides a horse (one of my favorites)

10,000 blood money

The hills run red

Run man Run!

Heres the whole listing just look for what you want

But old dusty vhs tapes are cult! :wink:

I still rock the VCR’s on a regular basis.

So were the Branch Dividians… although they probably had a dvd player. :smiley:

Yes, Vhs is the way (even though i´m for space reason probably will mostly get dvds in the future, my flat is flooded…).
Try Rene at Cinecity, he probably still have some nice ex-rental gems left, but make sure it is genuine old tapes and not more recent re-issues (usually the price gives it away…) as the re-issues tend to have quite bad quality…