Do you think Sartana used card cheating techniques?

After reviewing several videos about expert card cheating techniques, it got me thinking: since we know that Sartana is masterful at everything he does (particularly shooting and anything that has to do with cards), if you consider the fact that most of the time, when Sartana played cards, he was the dealer, and he ALWAYS gets the aces. It leads me to wonder, do you think Sartana was just a truly lucky dealer, or do you think he used cheating techniques?

Here are some videos that prove that undetectable cheating is very possible (but rare, considering it is EXTREMELY difficult to master these techniques AND pull them off without either looking conspicuous or getting caught):

I realize this is entirely speculation, but it just seems improbable to me that Sartana would just happen to get all the aces by chance. What do you think?

It’s all up to one’s own imagination I’d say.

After thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that Sartana is definitely a cheater. The odds of getting a hand with nothing but aces is highly improbable, borderline impossible!! After thinking about how he is a master at everything, and how he’s always “one step ahead” of the bad guys, he has to be cheating. That’s just my opinion, but realistically, there’s no other way. Seriously! How else is he going to always have the Royal Flush? It just doesn’t make sense any other way (that way being luck). Its entirely skill. Sartana is a cheater!

I guess so but I think he only cheated against other cheaters.

if you cheet against other cheeters it’s not called cheeting. It would be better to call it a sort of justice.