Do you know the name of the movie?

In the early 70,my dad brought me along to a brutal spaghetti western.
In one scene there was a woman getting flogged and then placed on some kind of carosine with a candle
burning down to eventually burn her.

Anybody know this movie?
Sorry for my bad English.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what (a) “carosine” is.

“Carousel”? Or, some manner of wheel? A bit like that fella in Yankee?

Yes, I had the same thought, maybe a breaking or Catherine wheel. I googled “carosine” but found nothing helpful.

‘Carosine’ could be, perhaps, ‘kerosene’…or Carousel…?

A bit more of the remembered plot line might help to add a few more clues as to the film title?

For example: Was the lady being tortured either blonde, brunette, red-head, or just plain frazzled…?

Sorry, she was flogged and placed in fammable fluid with a candle burning down.
Does this help?