Do you know the movie?

Hello folks,

my name is Paco, I’m new here and have a question about an Italo western I saw some time ago. I can’t remember the title, I’m not sure about the main character either, it was Clint Eastwood or someone else, no clue.
I can still remember a scene where the main character’s hands were trampled by horses and he had to learn to shoot again. For this he then changed the pistols a bit.

Can you help me here and tell me the name of the film and the actor.

Thank you very much.

Oh yes, and Merry Christmas…


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First one that comes to mind is ‘Django’

Django for me, too.

But in Django his hands were severely wounded by the rifle of a Mexican bandit.

hmmm I do seem to remember a SW where this happens

Seems like I can remember the scene, where they have the guy laid out and horses riding over his hands

oh wait, this is also Django surely… it happens in the same scene, just after the guy bashes his hands with the rifle

Yes I can see that you are right, even if the most severe damage should have been caused by the rifle.

It may still also happen in another SW. Seems like maybe there is another, but could just be imagining it

Thanks, guys,
I almost thought so. After posting my question I remembered that there was also something with a coffin and then it occurred to me. Django from 1966 with Franco Nero.

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One of the most brutal scenes in a western, mainly because of how busted his hands look as the horses trample them. His fingers actually looked broken the way they were bent upwards.