Do you have any people in your life that resemble SW characters or actors?

It’s always funny to hear stories of someone who knows a person that resembles a fictional character or an actor :smile:

My uncle looks a little bit like Gianni Garko from the two first Sartana films. I haven’t been able to look at him the same since I realized :rofl:

I also think that my dad looks a little like Bud Spencer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This sounds like a fun one @I_love_Cat_Stevens, I’m sure you’ll get quite a few replies.

When one of my cousins wears his hair and mustache a certain way, he looks a little like Tomas Milian when he made Corri Uomo Corri.

One of my uncles is a near spitting image of Fernando Rey, the only difference is Rey has a rounder face.


My wife can’t decide if I look more like Terence Hill or Franco Nero. :rofl: (J/K!)

I did have an adopted cousin who has now passed away that always reminded me of Klaus Kinski and another blood relative cousin who looks a whole lot like like Benito Stefanelli.


Yeah … every single person in Ireland look like the ‘McBain family’ from ‘Once upon a time in the west’!

It’s just wall to wall ginger hair and freckled skin …



Nope but once in my village I have met the Sergio Leone twin, and I never met him a second time… I wanted to take a pic of him but it was not my luck… I was surprised to walk and met this copy of Sergio Leone

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