Django the Last Killer / L’ultimo killer (Giuseppe Vari, 1967)

Anybody grabbing this blu-ray in a few weeks? I don’t own the DVD so I am!

Got the Koch DVD, but yeah I’ll be getting it, looks like it should be a step up.

If it definitely has an English dub then absolutely. If not I’ll stick with my Koch DVD.

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can you confirm which release you’re referring to and what the length of the missing footage is? I want to include that info in the database.

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I just picked up the German BluRay Rocco - Ich leg dich um

I have the Wild East dvd, and the picture quality is good. The non-anamorphic image doesn’t fill up the screen on a widescreen tv though.
Looks like this:

I can confirm the German BluRay fills up the screen nicely on a Wide Screen tv.

If non amorphic/26:9 enhanced you may have to adjust your tv or Player so it will “zoom”


There is now a new poll going for this one too. Head up to the original post at the top of the page to participate! :cowboy_hat_face: (trust level 1 and above as always, of course).

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