Django the Last Killer / L’ultimo killer (Giuseppe Vari, 1967)

This film is pretty good so I was surprised to see that it didn’t have its own thread.
The film has the pupil and mentor story in common with “Day of Anger” not that its in that films class though.
And I must admit that I never thought to highly of George Eastman’s SW performances either, but he works pretty well in this one.
The real star of this film though is Anthony Ghidra playing the hired killer on his last job before retirement.
So of you haven’t seen this one already give a go.

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Great review, Sherp!

I also like the movie. In the beginning it’s quite strange to see Montefiori as the wimpy looser, but as soon as you get used to that, it’s pretty enjoyable.

Nice review Scherp.
This film is currently sitting at the top of my ‘to watch’ pile so I’m glad to hear you giving it a general thumbs up. Interesting to see that Eastman says they were surprised by how good Ghidra was. I think that is a common feeling among fans too. One of the less lauded names in the genre who becomes a firm favourite among many once they watch his work. Over recent years I have become a big Ghidra fan.

This was one of the first SW’s I watched after getting through the Leones and other top-rated ones. I quite enjoyed it and have revisted it twice more since. I only wish Ghidra had done more work in the genre.

Yea, a real pity Ghidra didn’t do more SW work. Ultimo Killer sits just outside my Top 20.

I too enjoyed this one and I agree about Ghidra - I wished he got to be in more westerns as he is bad ass in the two I have seen him in.

In December Koch will rtelease this one.

Will pass on the Koch release.

Watched this one this morning and it is good solid stuff. Ghidra is excellent value and more than makes up for the shaky script. Vari does a decent job with this. No masterpiece, but a solid 3 star movie for me.

I gave it a 4, I think Vari brought out the best in Ghidra. Hope the koch release looks as good as Hate Thy Neighbour.

Good review scherps, I’ve read it now I’ve seen the film. Unlike Phil and t’others here, I think this is a masterpiece (I notice I’m the only one giving it 5 stars). Maybe I was just so thrilled at finally finding Eastman so utterly compelling and believable (for once), but I loved everything about this film. I loved the pace, the second-rate philosophising on life, death and women, and the build up to the pre-ordained conclusion. I think this is superior to Day of Anger (as has been mentioned), regarding the teacher/pupil relationship within it.
I’m still reeling from seeing this 2 days ago - I so thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hmm, … yes I have to admit I gave it also “only” 4 stars. But we are in the same team for this one, Rev.

That’s what I wrote at the film’s page:

“Excellent and intelligent variation of the teacher and pupil story, with a good score by Roberto Pregadio. Anthony Ghidra gives a charismatic performance as the old killer, while George Eastman is surprisingly good as a Mexican of unusual height. The film is mostly flawlessly directed by the talented Guiseppe Vari, whose best genre contribution this is.”

I’m very picky with the 5 stars. The Last Killer grows with every viewing, but it’s not in the same class with Leone or the best Corbuccis. Maybe it gets a 4,5/5 now.

And we had a small discussion about it in the Underrated SW thread where I wrote this:

Vari wasn’t a genius, but he was an underrated SW director. All his films show a certain feeling for western situations, which some better known directors not had. Even his most routine western isn’t a bad one. And he had to deal in all his westerns with limited budgets, and he mostly made the best out of it.

The first 20 min of TLK are a bit undecided here and there, but the rest is flawlessly directed and is a real pleasure to watch.
I would call The Last Killer an intelligent and well filmed SW.

And about TLK and Day of Anger:

Day of Anger is a good film, but in a more limited way. A film which doesn’t fulfill it’s own potential.
The Last Killer is direct, where Day of Anger is circuitous.

Say Rev, how do you see TLK compared to Hole in the Forehead?

same here, I like this film very much but to me it’s still a 4 star film. There’s probably something like 20 sw’s I’d give 5 stars.

TLK is a nice one, but IMO you have to save the five stars for kickass movies.

TLK surely has its flaws. It has a really cheap look and although I loke both Montefiori and Ghidra 3-4 are enough for me.

The flick is enjoyable and diverting and you’re not bored when you watch it, but it is rather mediocrely made.

5 stars? Sure… out of 10 stars. Good actors, but cliche story. Nothing special. Day of Anger is better. I’d give that 6,5 stars.

A kebab has given me more pleasure than foie gras. Cider moreso that cristal champagne. I have cried at the lonely beauty of a tree in a field and been unmoved by the mountains behind it. I have stared for hours into the microcosm of the pool and ignored the crashing ocean from which it was born. I delight in the clumsy gait of the starling and tut at the peacock’s pose. The pulchitude of a ruddy-cheeked country girl to the model’s preened perfection; a blackcap’s song to the orchestra’s pomp; the sweet kiss of leather to the soothing balm…
The Ultimate Killer to Once upon a Time in the West.

It’s a contextual thing and resides in the realm of the sublime…
5 out of 5

[quote=“Stanton, post:14, topic:1664”]I would call The Last Killer an intelligent and well filmed SW.

Say Rev, how do you see TLK compared to Hole in the Forehead?[/quote]

    [b]SPOILER ALERT[/b]

Well we do agree for the most part - I suppose it all comes down to what you want and expect. For me a perfect spaghetti comes with maybe a few (paradoxical) imperfections. This film both surprised and delighted me. Hole in the Forehead was until now my favorite Vari film (It may well still be - I think this is also an almost perfect blend of sound and vision - and a lack of protracted Leone-esque pomp (which I also love) does not diminish these films in my eyes. The pace of these two are similar and I obviously enjoy this aspect, but whereas HITF loses something in the final face-off for me, DLK had me punching the air, but only for a moment because it’s a ‘twisty’ ending as well. When I realised that the dum-dum bullet in the gut (which is one of the details that I so enjoyed - with Ghidra’s Django making of this) ain’t gonna allow Eastman’s character to survive for too long. My emotions switched in a split second from elation to one of sadness - and that’s how I like my spaghetti-pie … bittersweet! ;D

Only about 10 in my book