Django the Last Killer / L’ultimo killer (Giuseppe Vari, 1967)

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Yes, the mule disappears. Never noticed it before I read the booklet. But such things happen even in more expensive films.

There seems to be something missing as when they start shooting Eastman is on the back of the mule, but the bullets hit the ground when Eastman is already on his own feet.

[b]Maybe there is a short scene missing in which we can see Eastman falling from the mule *[/b]
  • That’s the way it is.

Quote from the French Forum western-maniac:
"J’ai oublié de préciser dans mon post ci-dessus que dans le DVD Koch il manque environ 10 secondes au début du film : lorsque G Eastman se fait attaquer, on le voit descendre de sa mule sur la VHS française alors que sur le DVD, il passe sans transition de la position assis sur sa mule à debout en train de se faire tirer entre les pieds ".

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I just watched Django The Last Killer today. I picked up the Wild East DVD, and I really enjoyed the film. Seeing Eastman getting whipped, shot at, and beat up was interesting to say the least! I thought his chemistry with Ghidra was great. Speaking of Ghidra, I really like him as SW actor. I have the Wild East Ghidra double feature and I enjoyed both those films. Overall, Django Last killer was was very good. A little slow paced, but enjoyable. 3.5 stars.

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see pistoleros with ghidra really awesome!!!

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Too bad Ghidra didn’t make more spaghetti’s, I enjoyed his westerns and he had a certain presence on screen that i liked.

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He was probably one of the lesser known actors in spaghettis and much better than George Hilton and Anthony Steffen for instance IMO. :slight_smile:

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a great looking face for spaghettis!!! :smiley:

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Absolutely agreed! A true tough guy!


This one’s being shown on movies4men - Thursday 17th May 2018, 11:05am.

Another pre-lunch time screening of a SW, can mean cuts for violence or language :weary: I do wish this channel would get it’s act together and stop tampering with the films they show.
Already I’ve seen them censor ‘The Great Silence’, Texas Adios’ and several others - I just switch off as soon as I see any cutting.

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I wonder what would they cut in this one. It’s just so family friendly as it can get. Or did I forget some bloody violent scene?

I would do the same.


You must be getting hardened by all the SW violence you’ve seen!? … I agree, this one’s pretty tame, and most Harry Potter movies have more nastiness - But in the TV screening there’s a scene where the main baddie (Cisco Delgado) and possible father of Alberto dell, Aqua’s character ‘Jim Sullivan’, executes some guy who’s being tortured for information.

Worse, was when the opening thumb shooting in ‘The Great Silence’ was cut out … what’s the point in showing these films if the channel is worried about running into broadcast legislation, just screen them when all the kids have gone to bed, and are watching much worse stuff under the covers … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I had a suspicion that some execution/torture had to be involved.

Oh god. I can’t really take it. One of my favorite movies being butchered like an animal in slaughterhouse and then served for public consumption. :cry:


Not that it’s any consolation, but in the 1980s nearly every movie broadcast in the UK had cuts, even if it was shown after 9:00pm

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In late August, 1966, the uncut Italian version of Texas addio was rated VM18 ‘‘per le numerosissime scene di violenza, di efferata crudeltà e di sadismo’’. Three weeks later the rating became VM14, with cuts. A second version with new cuts but same running time due to a couple of additions was released in July 1972.

In the versions I know at least three scenes are cut: hot-branding on shoulder, pistol-whipping and death of Pedro.

As for L’ultimo killer, three scenes were modified to obtain the original T rating (all ages admitted).


Thank you J C … this is the type of historical information that I find most interesting - Molto grazie :cowboy_hat_face:

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As I thought, family friendly stuff at its finest.

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What did they cut in The Great Silence? When I watched some of it, the sex scene was intact. I was puzzled why it wasn’t edited since they were showing it around 11am.

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Never mind. I read the other comments. :slight_smile:


Really liked this one. Much better than Vari‘s POS Shoot the Living & Pray for the Dead. Looking forward to getting the Koch DVD so I can see this in Italian.

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Smart dialogue, well acted, but I didn’t get a feel for much of the countryside. Plus the beginning seemed disjointed from the rest of the film. I’d have the outlaws harassing ‘an old man with a harmonica’, so it could aesthetically tie-in with Django’s retirement-muse about revisiting the old man with the harmonica from his youth… as Ramon waxes philosophical about both ‘narratives’. Ghidra’s performance makes it a 7-out-of-10.