Django & Sartana / Hanging for Django blu ray

Hi all.
Looking to get Django & Sartana / Hanging for Django on blu-ray and wondered what the best version to get is?
I see the German release is uncut…but the US offering has a documentary.
How do the transfers compare?

Thanks in advance!

Admin edit: the available versions are listed here Lunga fila di croci, Una/BluRay - The Spaghetti Western Database

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Can’t speak for the US version but I have the German media book and it’s pretty good. Not exactly Arrow levels of quality but it still looked great. I believe the German version doesn’t have English subtitles for the Italian audio (I’m not at home to check my disc so don’t take this as gospel) and the German version also doesn’t have that bonus documentary. According to the DB the US version runs at 95 mins whereas the German version runs at 101 mins so I’m guessing the US version is cut?

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Thanks for the info! Appreciate it. I’ll have to have a think.