''django kill'' soundtrack

any one know if the soundtrack for “django kill” (if you live shoot) was ever put out on cd,lp or any other type of media?

I have never heard or read anything about a full soundtrack album having ever been released.
But, there is a good possibility that there were a couple of 45rpm singles out in Japan and Italy.
I would need to confirm that, though.
It just seems like I was talking to a friend of mine from Japan once who said he had a 45 with the main theme on it.
I don’t recall if it was the original soundtrack recording by Ivan Vandor, or a cover version, though.

Sadly, no CD!
This is one of my favorite Spaghetti Western scores and I really think it deserves a release!

you are right about that Mr. casey, i think there are so many other spaghetti western movie soundtracks that are flouting around that are not that good of movies to begin with, but seem to have been put out on cd,lp e.t.c
why the soundtrack for django kill has never been put out is a ? to me.

I’ll ask my friend Piva about this as soon as he come back from Paris. He is avid collector of SW soundtracks on vinyl.

thank you djvaso!

Any more news about the music for this movie? Has it ever been released? Or has anyone discovered any 45rpm singles? I think the main theme is really cool and catchy. I often play it on my guitar.

I’d love to have that tune on 7"!