Django Collection Volume One: Six Film Set

Saw this at Wal-mart today for $5. Passed it by. :-\ Thinking about driving back tomorrow and suffering through the WM experience to see if that lone copy is still in the floor dump. Anyone have this release that can comment on the quality of the transfers? Obviously not expecting much from an a PD release at that price point; however, I’m also interested in an affordable introduction to these films before diving into finer releases from Raro and others.

New to this forum. I’m a long-time euro film enthusiast of mostly Italian and Spanish genre films and looking to expand horizons a bit. I’m familiar with Leone but a bit lacking in experience with Corbucci. Is this set an okay and affordable starting place?

I’ve got Volume Two of this set. Two of the films included had atrocious transfers, we’re talking big blocky pixels, all kinds of digital mess going on. Really frustrating because these two were advertised as new to DVD! The other films looked “okay,” basically on par with any other budget release. All were widescreen at least, but some of their titles looked like they’d been added with a video effect - I’m guessing they didn’t actually have access to copies of the films under their Django titles and just swiped non-Django-fied versions from other cheap sets.

So with all that out of the way, I’d probably pass on this set. Even if there’s a specific title that interests you, you’ll probably be able to find it in better condition in another, better, collection at around the same price. If you’re looking for good budget introductions to the genre, you should check out the database page on cheap boxed sets and the forum thread for same.

Database Page:


And welcome to the forum! I’m new here myself, a fellow spaghetti neophyte, and really appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into the SWDB.

Strangers Gundown and Hanging for Django are two from that set that are definitely worth checking out and can be found on Amazon pretty cheap. A Pistol for Django is total crap. I’d spend a few extra bucks and go for the better quality DVDs…

Welcome to the forum the pair of you.

If I’d seen that collection at Hell-Mart last night, I probably would have bought it. Sucker that I am. Heh. But I didn’t find it. Guess I dodged that bullet!

Thank you very much, glad to be here.

I am, as well! Looking forward to many informative conversations.

Thanks everybody for the tips. Decided to pass on the cheapo collection and instead ordered the Blue Underground release of Django. My 16-year-old son is a huge fan of the Tarantino film and I’ve been telling him about the original film with Franco Nero. He’s intrigued, especially after I pointed out Nero to him in Unchained.

After Django, which other films in the “series” are worthwhile?

Well, the only official sequel isn’t worthwhile, but I know that all of BU’s releases are worthwhile! The Westerns Unchained collection would be a good place to start, though you’ve already got Django, one of the films in the set. As far as Django character copies, if I remember correctly Django Prepare a Coffin is supposed to be pretty close. No R1 release though :stuck_out_tongue:

Django the Bastard aka Strangers Gundown is the closest thing to a sequel i can think of. Its a pretty Good Movie.

I concur about DJANGO THE BASTARD. I really like that film.