'Django' bluray - will it play on UK players, or not?

Please, can anyone tell me if the ‘Blue Underground’ Bluray edition of Franco Nero’s ‘Django’ will play on an ordinary U.K. bluray player?
The reason I ask is because a web-site on the internet that sells Spaghetti Western dvds and blurays, states that it is NTSC/0, which should mean that it would be able to play OK on my UK machine, doesn’t it?
Has the web-site got it wrong? All other sites which are selling the Bluray version, state that it is ‘Region A locked’…so which is correct? Will it only play on NTSC / multi-region machines?
I’d really appreciate it if anyone can offer any help and advice. Has anyone in the UK bought it yet, and tested it to see if it plays okay on an ordinary bluray player?
Cheers, Toscano.

You are confusing dvd regions and blu-ray regions it seem.

I believe that www.axelmusic.com is a good place to check as they state what region it is locked to if any and often shows the backside of the blu-ray so you can check for yourself. In this case it IS Region A-locked:


That is you need a region free player when in Region B-country :slight_smile:

Yeah it is region A unfortunately. I think BU was forced to lock it (so maybe a Region B release is coming someday from someone… :wink:

Many thanks for the information from you guys. Much appreciated.
Hopefully, it won’t be too long before it is released in the U.K.

Get a multi region machine :wink:

I find it essential being a film fan.