Django biography

Hello! I’m new here and am looking forward to reading the knowledgeable posts here.

For a tongue-in-cheek “biography” of the original Django character, not the Tarantino one, I’ve done this bit at my blog. I’ll be attempting to incorporate nearly all the alleged Django films, even some that are in title only. I also tie it into actual history of the American West and the Civil War. Complaints, comments or suggestions welcome -

And part 2 -

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Ok, this is just too cool ;D

Very cool stuff.

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Very interesting! Good stuff.

Would be interesting to see something similar done for Mortimer and Manco!

Thanks for the kind words, everybody! Sorry about the delay in replying but I was on deadline for baseball coverage.

I’ll be sure to let everyone know when the next chapters in this Django bio are going up.

If anybody does bios like this for other SW heroes I’d love to check them out!

Maybe the classics, Sartana, Sabata, Ringo, etc? I always fancied Sabata to be something of a father or grandfather of Sartana.

Could be, Johnny! That’s a fun theory about Sabata! I was definitely thinking along the lines of Sartana for my next one after Django is completed.

There is also the thought that Ringo from Return of Ringo is the father of Angel Eyes from Pistol for Ringo.

Wow! We’ve got a lot of crossover stories possible!

Yup, not to mention all the movies where the various characters meet each other.