Django (1966), MPAA, Arrow Video & iTunes

I suppose this will not seem very important to a lot of people but since I have an interest in spaghetti westerns and also have a fairly large collection of movies on iTunes this is something that occasionally bugs me.
According to everything I have been able to find so far, it seems like the MPAA never gave a rating for Django (1966). The IMDB web site lists the film as Not Rated and the Arrow Video packaging also shows it as Not Rated.
ITunes carries the Arrow Video release. However, on iTunes they show it as rated R.
I have reached out to Arrow Video and iTunes about this by email as well as Twitter but never received any answer.
I guess my question is whether I have my information correct and if so, I’m hoping that someone may have the connections to get this corrected on iTunes.

well the MPAA was established two years after Django came out :slight_smile: so it never had an official MPAA rating theatrically I suppose. It also doesn’t now have an entry on

It can be found under Jango, title of the edited, R-rated 1972 release. :wink:

On IMDb the US rating can be found at the bottom of the Certification section.

of coruse, the D is silent :wink: