Directors you'd like to see make a western?

I think Alfonso Cuaron would make an interesting western. Of course it would probobly be a fantsy type western. No more Costner though. His westerns are too average. Ridley Scott definetly.

I thought about saying Cuaron actually.

Scotts overrated a bit IMO. Granted hes made some very entertaining films though. He was actually attached to do an adaptation of McCarthy’s Blood Meridian but I think thats fallen apart.

[quote=“Goodfella, post:19, topic:1312”]You know who else could possibly make a interesting western if they had the right script? Spielberg. It might sound crazy but imagine a Saving Private Ryan/Munich like approach.[/quote]Spielberg is too much of a Hollywood sell out like michael Bay. His movies have been deteriarating in recent years. It would be too much like the quick and the dead which was a very hollywood movie.

Bay is a hack. Spielberg is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

I dont even love some of his most cherished films(like Jaws) but theres no denying the mans talent. Hes delivered some of the greatest films of all time IMO. I dont know how he could be considered a sell out, sure he makes big films but he always has. And I also hear the “His movies have been deteriarating in recent years” comment being made a bit but it really makes no sense.

And sure he has some misses but Id say hes entitled.

Munich really dispels any of the nagative feelings towards him considering it was only two films ago and it was anything but a mainstream hollywood film and was also of the highest quality as well.

I’m noyt saying I don’t like him. I love Jaws and Saving Private Ryan and Munich. But with films like the new Indiana Jones movie and producing that trash Transformer’s, I just don’t think that he can make as good a movie with humongous budgets. Elephantisis is what you might call it.

I agree he shouldnt produce crap like Bays stuff but lots of directors produce crap just because itll make money. I dont like it but lots of directors do it.

As for the last Jones film. Yes, it was a bit of a let down. I expected and wanted so much more. But thats mostly on Lucas. Lucas is an idiot that wanted things his way and and I think Spielberg did it simply because he wanted to make another Indy film. This was the only way since Lucas said it had to be this and Harrison said if it didnt happen by 08 hed never do it.

Spielberg can and will do great things again. Like his next film that Lucas isnt involved with lol

I would have liked to see Silvio Narizzano direct another western. He had a very interesting style.

I would like Clint Eastwood to direct another western, but not star in for a change.

Well, he said goodbye to the genre with Unforgiven. I would have loved to see Giulio Questi make another one. Django Kill was very cool.

[quote=“Goodfella, post:19, topic:1312”]Oh and I thought of another director Id like to see take a stab at the western genre. Rian Johnson(Brick), simply because the way he was able to show so much love for the noir genre while at the same time flipping it on its ear makes me interested in what he could do appraoching another genre in the same manner. Of course it probably wouldnt work if he doesnt have any deep feelings for the western like he obviously does for noir.

You know who else could possibly make a interesting western if they had the right script? Spielberg. It might sound crazy but imagine a Saving Private Ryan/Munich like approach.[/quote]

Rian Johnson? Nice idea

And Spielberg could be great if he does it in the München manner, which means without his usual sentimentality and the usual bombastic John Williams scores.

Why not.

He’s not a great director, but Josey Wales and Unforgiven are his best works until today.

I’ve got BLUE with Terence Stamp that i enjoyed, did he direct any others?

No other westerns at least.

in his heyday john carpenter always said he would love to direct a western and loved westerns up until 1970. he never got round to doing one although did write two t v movie westerns in the early 1990’s.perhaps now is the time to kickstart his career by doing a western.

Carpenter seems even more interested in smoking cigarrettes these days than he used to.

I would of liked to to see Lucio fulci do a splatter SW. I know he did a few SWs but a gore one would of been cool IMO

Have you seen Four of the Apocalypse? Although it is not all shooting, there is quite a bit of gore. Cut Throats Nine is all gore.

Just finished watching Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. I really like Ritchie’s style. Very fun and fast paced. I think it might be interesting to see him make a western.

Oh yes Guy Ritchie made some fine movies. Snatch is one of my all time favourites. Would like to see his movie Revolver (2005) too.
Maybe he has now some more free time to do a SW. :wink:

There were some spaghetti references in lock, stock… Theres that scene with the two irishmen and Morricone’s musical pocket watch playing. It would definitley be a very weird western. But one I would love to see.