Director Arthur Penn has died

Bonnie & Clyde, Little Big Man, The Left Handed Gun, Night Moves, The Missouri Breaks

Another fine director bites the dust.

RIP :’(.

This is very sad news. R.I.P. :’(

Rest In Peace, recently viewed Night Moves aswell.


I’ve recently picked up a blu ray fo Bonnie & Clyde, gonna have to watch it again soon.

Sad news, yes.

Little Big Man is my favourite, The Left-handed Gun and Bonnie & Clyde were also great movies

He was a good one from an era when Hollywood was still making proper films.
Very sad to hear of his passing.

R.I.P mr Penn

Too bad, I liked his films very much. Even more back then, when I started to get interested in movies.

A damn shame, he was a great director. R.I.P.



A great director

One of the not so many directors from the old generation that could be related to the younger one coming out at the end of the 60’s (Scorcese, Copolla, Bogdanovich etc), althought he always said he was not connected to any movement.

Some great films Bonnie & Clyde, Four Friends (maybe my favourite an underrated gem), The Chase (another great one) and others.

Like I said a great director

Me too, RIP

One of the best American directors of the 60s and 70s.

He should have done more films then, but even in his best and most successful days he had a lot of trouble with the “Hollywood system”, and not everything worked for him as smoothly as it should. He was fired by The Train and Altered States and in others like The Chase and The Missouri Breaks the ideas of the people involved differed too much from his. He made films against the system within the system, and had to pay for this.

But he did until the late 70s many things which were ahead of the time in genre films. Probably the 1st who used in a western (or in a Hollywood film) a slo mo shot in The Left Handed Gun, nearly 10 years before he shocked the audience with bloody slo mo violence in Bonnie & Clyde.
Watch as one example the last shot from Alice’s Restaurant and you know of what he was capable, and how much he expanded the usual way of Hollywood filmmaking.

Bonnie & Clyde, Little Big Man and Night Moves are still excellent films.