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Who the hell is this chubby sleaze?
When and why did he begin to stare in Spaghetti Westerns?

for Romaine fielding :wink:

[quote=“korano, post:1, topic:1487”]Who the hell is this chubby sleaze?
When and why did he begin to stare in Spaghetti Westerns?

I just saw this thread Korano.
I really don’t know anything about him.
But he cracks me up!
In many of his films he IS a little chubby but, nevertheless, still wears tight black clothes and often has his shirt unbuttoned nearly to his navel. I just love the start of His Name Is Sam Wabash when he is galloping along with his shirt open and a big medallion and chain bouncing off his macho midsection.
I think the reality is that more people in the old west looked like him than looked like movie stars like Eastwood or Gemma (or whoever). But he found a niche in Italina cinema. I suspect he must have been a pretty macho guy to have not noticed how goofey he sometimes looked.
Since he is kinda fleshy and plumb sometimes he often looks out of place in Spaghettis (at least in the role of outlaw). That is one reason I enjoy seeing him so much. I think he would have been better suited to gangster movie or some such thing. I could more easily see him seated at a table with a red and white checkered tablecloth, wolfing down a plate of linguini and throwin’ back some chiati. And THEN killing somebody.
He has definitely grown on me since I first saw him in Sam Wabash.

for Romaine fielding ;)[/quote]

And don’t you just love it whenever he gets into a big fight, his combover starts flopping around. At least that is what I think I saw.

Haaaaahaaaa. How did I miss that? Lordy, I’m in stiches thinking about it. This man was made for Demofilo Fidani.

Greatest actor on earth participating in some of the finest Spaghetti Westerns ever made !!! If you look bottom to top, of course ! :slight_smile: ;D :wink:

Anyway, I like him ! It’s always great fun to see him trying to act…

It’s like my Cat trying to turn over. But she can’t. Too fat!

It’s always fun to see fidani westerns when they are trying to be more than they are! :wink: