Dim memories of a scene

(andronicus) #1

Hi folks!

I’m trying to identify a western I only saw a part of, some 20 years ago, on television. I’m pretty sure it was a spaghetti one, but can’t be certain.

The one scene I can remember was an ambush on someone riding into town. The bad guys were forcing a woman (prostitute? target’s girlfriend?) to wave to and welcome him from an upstory window or balcony, shortly before shooting ensued.

I know that’s not much to go with, but any help would be appreciated. I’ve been curious for years which film that was I saw.

EDIT: Damn, first post and already on the wrong forum. Is it possible for a mod to move this into Overall discussion?

(Reverend Danite) #2

Sorry Brother Andronicus, don’t trigger much with me … any more clues?

(Silence) #3

I recognize that kind of scene… do you have any more information?

(autephex) #4

yeah, the scene seems familiar but it also seems like something that could easily be in many SW’s, so its hard to try and pinpoint it to a likely title

(cm215) #5

I am probably wrong, but there may have been a scene in “Paid in Blood” similar to this. There was a scene of someone riding into town into an ambush and I know there was a woman in a window at some point, haha, I just don’t remember if the parts were related… It’s just a wild guess really.