Dig Your Grave Friend … Sabata’s Coming / Abre tu fosa, amigo … llega Sábata / Sei già cadavere amigo … ti cerca Garringo! (Juan Bosch, 1971)

I expected this to be lame and forgettable, but it was quite fun. Refreshing to see Sancho play a ‘good’ guy. It also seemed like a buddy movie at times. Oh and it was weird when the music from The Stranger Returns started playing.

I rather enjoyed this one, and was looking forward to watching the German DVD release with great picture quality and unfortunately great chunks missing! This release has been pruned/hacked down to 78 minutes … I wondered if anyone has seen or can comment on the quality of the Echo Bridge Entertainment release, which is available with 4 other SWs - Info on the cover claims to be 87 minutes.

It’s one of those dubious looking cheap (too good to be true) editions - however, if the soundtrack is in reasonable condition, it might be worth making a dubbed version using the Spanish Blu Ray, which I’ve been informed has a running time of approximately 90 minutes.

That’s the version I have and can confirm it is 87 minutes, but has a couple of segments in Italian with no subtitles. The image is panned & scanned but certainly clear enough, and the audio isn’t too shabby either.

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Thanks for the info Dean :slight_smile:

No problem, I’m glad I finally checked this movie out!

Finally got around to watching this one all the way through and I enjoyed it very much. It’s trashy but if you’re a fan of the genre, it has enough to keep you entertained.

I’m going through Bosch’s westerns and this one was a real stinker. I’m actually surprised by quite positive comments here. There’s certainly lot of jokes lost in translation, but even as a lighhearted buddy movie this is pretty lame effort, and after five solid Bosch’s entries I’ve seen before, this even doesn’t feel as his movie, some scenes (especially in the second half) are just plain stupid and without any creative ideas. 1,5/5

I did so some time ago, and I agree. Below par in all departments.

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You’re going through all eight of them?

Yes, La ciudad maldita and Los buitres cavaran are on the program as two last remaining. Except for Sabata, I liked all of them so far.

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